Saturday, January 17

Making Lemonade...!

Yesterday I had hoped to get the kiddoes out to the store and pick up a pizza to take home for dinner. Rex was out at the sports show so he couldn't pick up dinner for me... Boo hoo!! I'm so spoiled! He always calls on the way home to see if we need anything and he'll pick it up for me! We live 15 minutes drive from the edge of town, 30 minutes from the good stores. It's not all that much I suppose but factor in getting the children bundled up, remembering they haven't been to the bathroom, unbundling them, starting again, getting Jack strapped in, putting the puppy in the car, remembering SHE hasn't peed, taking her out again, letting HER pee, putting her back in the car, starting the engine up and trying to get HEAT, driving on snow, driving on ICE, driving in the DARK and THEN driving to the store, getting INTO Super Target and stopping Jack from running off etc etc etc ... well frankly the idea began to lose it's appeal. I scratched it and we decided to come up with a new plan!! :D We have a teeny grocery store in town which sells boxed Mac and Cheese. The children love it for a treat (!) so I agreed to drive out quick and pick up a box of that whilst they stayed home and played on the computer. When I got home I made a pumpkin pie and sorted the children out with a shower together. (First time Jack has had a shower and he seemed to LOVE it!!! ) Whilst they were showering I also made some Oatmeal Raisin Cookies ( from scratch, if you are wondering!! ) and made up the loveliness that is Boxed Mac and Cheese!! :D I lit the fire and put the kiddoes in their PJ's!!! To be fair, Jessie put her OWN pj's on!! :D We ate our Mac, then snuggled by the fire on the reclining sofa under a giant blanket and we watched Tinkerbell whilst eating cookies and pie !!!! The kiddoes decided that this was MUCH better than Super Target and Pizza.... and I really have to agree!! ;D


Alicia said...

Isn't it funny how much kids love that stuff? Sounds like a lovely evening and an awesome back-up plan. :)

Risa said...

So where's the oatmeal raisin cookie recipe? :-)

sheri said...

Some of the best nights come from ditching plans and going for the impromptu! Snuggling by the fire always ranks pretty high in my book. :) Sounds like a wonderful evening.