Sunday, May 16

wow. etc.

WHAT a busy day today!! ;D

At 8:30 am we left the house to take the kids to Boot Camp (Jungle Kids) where they worked their butts off and even ran a mile...!! They all had a marvelous time though! From there to the Farmers Market where we walked around the entire place, thrilled at our favorite Rock stall where we learned about the various kinds of fossils and rocks he had, bought rocks and a salt lamp, saw Elayne at her stall, had vegetable egg rolls, climbed on the climbing frame stuff, sat in a fire truck, got balloons, lost balloons etc etc. Rode back from there home to have a quick snack and pick up Daryl and Alex. We then headed out to Morrill Hall for Colorful Creature Day. It was PACKED and fantastic. We all had a super time, met Mike Mennard and bought a CD or two, petted parrots, bunnies, snakes and turtles, learned the difference between true Albino and Leucisitc Albinoism..., played in the discovery center, painted rain barrels, made mammoths, learned about owls, kestrels and frogs, learned about the art of natural history illustrating, did some crafts, sang some songs and bought a museum membership!! From then, a ride home whilst listening to a Mike Mennard CD, We've Got It All In Nebraska, ( a history of Nebraska! ) once home the kids played with bikes, basketballs, Wii, roller skates, movies and skate boards. Alicia suggested Rex and I go out on a date night so we went and changed whilst she started dinner for everyone else! Rex and I went out to Macaroni Grill and Barnes and Nobles. When we got home everyone was ready for bed and the girls were all playing games whilst the boys were watching a movie!!! I got Jackster to bed then joined in the game playing. After the kids went to bed Alicia, Victoria and I tried several bars of chocolate that I got recently and we rated them from one to ten! We then taught Victoria all about median, mean and mode as we tried to find which bar we liked best!! ;D ah, the joys of homeschooling! ;D I can't begin to sum up all we may have learned today!!! Later... pictures. For now, BED!! ;D