Saturday, February 20

Migraines in the morning, South Pacific in the evening, Migraines at Supper Time...!

Pah. Mummy and Jessie day started out with my waking up with a migraine. Damn Migraines. A pox on them all. I choked down two migraine pills and went back to bed for a while and woke up feeling much better. We decided to pass on the scented candle shopping though...a recipe for migraine headaches if ever I needed one. We left the house a little later than planned but Jessie was all showered and coiffed, fingernails painted, lovely outfit on, necklace chosen with care, purse filled with suitable Mummy and Jessie accoutrement...! Adorable! I asked her to help me pick out my outfit too and she helped me chose a necklace that would fit the bill nicely! ;D We set off via the gas station and sucked half of the money out of our bank account to fill the van! Then to music store to check out the Violins..!! Jessie is convinced she would like to learn to play so we looked into their rental program ....! We also tried out the banjo's, strummed the beautiful guitars and fiddled with the keys on the keyboards! After that, the library to drop off a book, then on to Hobby Lobby to browse the yarns and the crafts. From there, Michaels... More Yarn, more crafts!! After Michael's Barnes and Noble....!! Ahhhhh!!! We love the smell of the place!! I looked at crochet books and wine books and Jessie looked at all sorts of other books. I tried to show her how the Magic Eye books worked but my head was NOT going to let me fool around with that sort of thing and Jessie had no idea what I was talking about. Sad. She'd love them once she could SEE them! :D Anyway, from Barnes to Panera! Chicken Noodle and Hot Chocolate for the Beans, Black Bean soup and hot tea for me!! We sat and chatted as we ate and watched the snow start to really accumulate out the window! After we'd picked up some soup to take home to the boys we headed out to Super Saver to get some milk and also some apple pie and donuts. (shhhh!! Don't tell anybody about the junk we eat...!!!) We then started for home with Jessie reading her book along the way ( oh, she bought The Lightening Thief book... whatsisname and the Olympians...) The boys were pleased to see us when we got back and they gobbled up the soup immediately! ;D Rex put on South Pacific and we sat together and watched that, singing along with the songs! At intermission we ate apple pie and hot custard ( Rex and I ) and donuts for the kids. It was gooooood!! ;D Once the movie was over it was pretty much bed time. I took Jack up and gave him a quick bath and Jessie got herself ready. Jack went to sleep in no time flat and Jessie was almost asleep when I went in to say goodnight. She kept thanking me for a great Mummy and Jessie day....!!! I really LOVE spending the day with her, she's a delight.

Once the kids were sleeping I came back down and sat with Rex. We watched some real life murder thingy ( which I KNOW I have seen YEARS ago...) and I crocheted some more on a shawl I'm making. I noticed after a while that my head was pounding again and when the news came on and police lights were flashing on the screen, well, that was that. Another migraine, to round out the day!!! ARRGHH!! ;D Still... my wonderfully sumptuous and cozy cozy bed awaits.....

Goodnight, all.

Friday, February 19

Finally Friday!!

Well.....! Hmmmm..... I feel like I have spent the day poorly today! I can't seem to come up with anything I did that is worthy of note! I was cranky a lot of the day, grouchy for some of it and tired for the rest of it!!! ( Poor kids!!! ) I tried to do some school with Jessie ( MORE Set Notation ) and succeeded in making her cry... I'd asked her to "just do one page" whereupon she lay her head on the table and sobbed! I tsked at her and told her she "just needed to ask if she wanted help..." and I took a look at the then I phoned a friend!!! :D Luckily I have several smart friends and Lisa the Math Prof is just the one to call at times like these!! ;D She was very helpful and set Jessie and I back on the right track again!! Poor kiddoe!! I remember doing Set Notation when I was in school ( but never since, interestingly enough!!! ) Ah well! It's Mummy and Jessie Day tomorrow so hopefully that will make up for my tyrannical nature during the week?!! :D

Jack was a sweetheart at bedtime tonight. Jessie had accidentally smashed a glass in the bathroom sink and was upset about it. I was brushing her hair and she was teary due to the knots, the glass and the fact she was tired out! Jack thought I was abusing her head with the hairbrush so he asked if he could brush her hair instead! I let him have a turn and veeeery veeeeeery gently he brushed her hair saying quietly "It's ok... you can sing now..." !!! Bless him!! ;D

I put Jack to bed then went through to talk to Jessie... she wanted me to help her pick out an outfit for our day out! We picked something really smart! She'll look lovely! :D She kept telling me how excited she was and how she looked forward to this day more than she looked forward to Christmas!! Bless her! I hope she has a great time tomorrow! ;D

I'm going to get a reasonably early night I hope so I can keep up with her! ;D

G'night! ; D

Thursday, February 18

Unfinished Project Day, Running for my life and Why Isn't The Mentalist On Tonight?!?! :D

Today was and is unfinished project day at the Baker house. Friends are encouraged to bring their children, their knitting, scrapbooking, sewing or craft project and work on it at our dining table whilst supplied with copious amounts of tea, good food and conversation! It's a winning combination!!! We had a fun time today with Mary and Marsha and all the children had a whale of a time screaming, tearing around the house and apparently riding ten dragons! Of course I'm usually faffing about doing this that and the other instead of working on my (countless) unfinished projects, but still, I'd rather chat anyway!! Knitting and such just takes my concentration away from the conversations!! ;D I wish every day were unfinished project day.....!!

After dinner tonight I went to the basement for another Wii Workout. I did my strength exercises, Yoga, aerobics and finished off with a "short" run. Usually I plan on just a quick little jog but I'd failed to notice this time I'd selected "Island Lap"... um.....!! I was exhausted when I finally crossed the finish line ( of COURSE it didn't occur to me to just quit...!! ) I've clearly got out of the habit of running but there ya go... what can I say?!?! :D

Once Jack was asleep I got myself ready for bed and hustled downstairs to watch The Mentalist.... only..... it was a CSI episode. An OLD CSI episode.... Hmph. What gives???? So looks like I will get to read my book in bed instead then! ;D Good enough for me! ;D

Oh and I haven't forgotten the Set Notation thingy... I have to get my computer hooked back up to sort pictures.... maybe in the morning all being well! ;D

Night night all! ;D


Whoooooot!! ;D Date night Date night!!! ;D Our fabulous new babysitter arrived promptly just before 6 and jumped right in to playing with Jack! He barely gave us a second glance as we left the house! Jessie was busy cooking dinner when we left...!! Times have indeed changed! ;D Rex and I went out to the mall first... I wanted to go to Penney's to try out some perfumes at Sephora. I got tons of little paper sticks and sprayed each one with a fragrance and wrote the name on it. I'm usually highly averse to strong smells but since taking my happy pills have found they don't affect me so much anymore. I'd love to have a "signature scent" so am trying to figure out which one is "me" ! I'm narrowing them down slowly! ;D Rex found some bargain sweaters... $5 each !!!! ... After that excitement we went to Grisanti's restaurant for a LOVELY dinner and I had some wine... (Wednesdays are half price bottle nights... who knew?!?! :D ) I just had an Italian Pinot Grigot ... slurp slurp!!! ;D I also ate way too much deliciousness AND had a Chocolate Monk ( A drink with about 600 calories per glass and lotsh and lotsh of alcholholol in it !! ) Hee heee!!! **tsk!!**

We got home just before 10 so that the lovely babysitter could get home; school in the morning! Jack and Jessie were both still up but went to bed as soon as we got back. Jack was already in bed but was sobbing as he didn't want the babysitter to leave!!! Bless him!! He loves her so! ;D Jessie was waiting up for us and said she missed me but I think she had a good time anyway. Jorie ( the babysitter ) played all sorts of games with them and I KNOW they had a wonderful time!! I'm SOOOOO thrilled! ;D I lay down with Jack to help him get to sleep and... um..... 2 hours later I woke back up....!! LOL!!!!

I'll hopefully remember to write more tomorrow about the neat game we played to demonstrate Set Notation and our trip to the pet store today where it was all I could do to NOT bring home two of the more adorable young cats they had for adoption!!! I told them I'd need a lot more money and one less husband before I could do that!! ;D

Alright ... to bed I go where I shall no doubt lay like a python having just swallowed a goat. I may be there for sometime! ;D


Tuesday, February 16

Ugh! ;D

You see.... yesterday went SOOOO well it was perhaps inevitable that today would be a washout! The dog peed on Jack's bed again this morning and I literally became hoarse from yelling at and about her. I'm SOOOO beyond frustrated with her... I don't even know HOW she does it!! I NEVER see her do it!!! GAH!! Anyway, that sure didn't help my day! I did mountains of laundry again, some school with Jack, read Risa's latest blog post and promised myself that I would try that one out tomorrow ( tomorrow, tomorrow, always tomorrow!! ) I've fallen so far off my diet that it's impossible to imagine ever getting back onto it, and part of me is ok with that ( hint, it's NOT my butt...!) My computer has died... again. I'm using Jessie's at the moment. Mine looks suspiciously like it did last time when it got infected with a hideous virus and cost us $$$$$$ to repair. **sigh** AND I had piles of laundry stacked neatly all over the dining table ready to put away and Jack somehow managed to spray chocolate milk all over it with his drinking straw.


I have put the call out to Rex. He's on his way home. With Chocolate.

I will be ok.
I will be ok.
I will be ok....!! ;P

Monday, February 15


I have been cleaning this house for almost 12 hours straight today!! Well it certainly feels like I've been cleaning it for 12 hours though I know I was on the phone for a while and I did use the computer for a while too but nothing like I normally do!!! I've been up and down my stairs, tackling the laundry beast, dusting, vacuuming, tidying, sorting, cleaning, clearing, emptying, washing.......!!! I even washed down my washer and dryer...!! ( I love those machines!!! They are so beautiful!! ) I put fairy lights up in the bedroom, I put away every scrap of laundry that had been piled up upon piles... ( I SO wish I'd taken pictures...!!) I painted my toenails and sat and watched a "How To Crochet" segment on You Tube whilst I had my lunch but that's the only time I can recall sitting down!!! My laundry room looks stunning, the kitchen is clean and shiny, our bedroom is a beautiful haven of peace and calm... the dining table is clean and clear with only two potted plants on it.... bliss bliss bliss!! ;D

I even managed to get a little school in with Jessie today! ;D We're currently learning Set Notation and I asked my friend Lisa O.K. for some ideas to use the game "Set" to demonstrate Set Notation! She gave me some great tips and I'll try them out tomorrow...!! Reee... Any ideas from you too?? I think the game is perfect for it of course! ;D

Anyway folks, I'm so tired!! I'm going to go to bed and dream of THIS beautiful thing and try to imagine what sort of colors I can put in it...!! Isn't it FABULOUS?!?!!?

More tomorrow! ;D

Sunday, February 14

A Happy Valentine's Day!

We had a lovely Valentine's Day... I hope you did too! ;D We decided last night that Valentine's would be a diet amnesty day ( which I will regret in the morning I'm sure! ) so I have pigged out on all manner of sugary and high calorie goodness today. I know... I'm SOOOOO bad! ;P

Rex and I had a lazy start to the morning and we talked about ways to put romance back in our lives.... just little things every day to keep the romance going! He's such a thoughtful and considerate guy really there's not much else he could do but I know I need to work on it a bit. I'm always so busy with the day to day drama of a life with two kids, pets and a part time job that I forget to make time for love in my life. I'm going to start with things like making a nice hot bubble bath with low lights, candles and soft music for myself. I need to relax and FEEL more romantic. Maybe instead of reading all the murder mystery books I read, perhaps a romance novel once in a while. I'd like to hold hands when Rex and I go out together and maybe cuddle on the couch at night rather than me on the computer in one room and him on the couch asleep in the other....

And so with that outline of my day fresh in my mind I need to do two things...1) go work off that 15 pounds I just put back on today and 2) go spend some quality time with my hubby.

I LOVE that man of mine. :D