Friday, August 29

This news just in......!!!

I'd like to think I could count on your support.....! :D

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Thursday, August 28

Letting things slide!

I'm STILL working on my basement this week and honestly, if I'm working on a big project EVERYTHING else just falls away! I don't think about taking care of the kids, I forget lunch and dinner..... I focus only on the project in hand! I'm a TERRIBLE mother! ;D Happily my kiddoes are old enough that they take care of themselves and will tell me when they are starving LOL!! Poor hubby calls home and asks what for dinner and I have NO IDEA !! He generally will bring something home from the store for us. What a guy! He works all day long, commutes home and then has to shop for his supper!! He wins my "Best Husband In The World" prize! Hopefully today will be the last day down there and I can start focusing on the next project... or maybe I'll think about dinner!