Thursday, November 6

Lovely songs for kids...

My kiddoes and I just love these songs... I might have to look for the CD for Christmas...!!!

The Elephant Song...

Blackbeard, Bluebeard and Redbeard

Outdoorsy ness! :D

The kids love to ride in the driveway with all the bikes and walking the dog is always lots of fun! Now we have three dogs there's a lot less squabbling !! :D
We've been so spoiled with all this lovely weather... today the high is set for 46 with rain... ahem... I suppose I should start getting used to it! :D









A Great Day Out in Omaha !

We decided to take a road trip.. two vehicles, 3 adults, six kids and a puppy!!
We started out at the Durham Western Heritage Museum in Omaha. We had such fun at this lovely museum! There are all different train carriages you can walk through, there are lots of things to play with and in the amazing Union Station building life sized statues of war time characters will suddenly start into conversation as you approach them.... of course, heathens that we are, we just love sticking our heads out of holes....!! :D





This particular carriage always gives me the creeps... it makes my stomach hurt and my body aches... I've never gone any further than the first seat.... creepy....!!




After the museum we decided to head to the Omaha Zoo for some lunch! We'd miscalculated the lateness of the season and of the day, so the restaurants were closed... ah...!! We settled for some fast food and carried on regardless!!! Such dedication!!!

Jessie has boldly overcome her fear of sharks and now LOVES the aquarium at the zoo. We also saw the new Butterfly House and the Desert Dome. Our favorite part had to be the swamp under the dome.. it's amazing. It's just like walking through a swamp at night with the frogs croaking and the mist creeping... no photos of course... tsk ! Sorry!





After the trains and the zoo in Omaha we came back to Lincoln to the Valentino's Buffet... it's HUGE and great for kids! There is sooo much food and they can all help themselves..... ahem.... I try not to think about it too much... at least no one got SICK this year...!! :D



Halloween Night!

Imagine our surprise when Queen Tut turned up at our house!! This is our dear friend Marsha.. isn't she FABULOUS!!! Her hubby is sitting in the background! Jackfella was rather terrified of her but my Jackster kept hugging on her and trying to take apart her costume...!!!




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Halloween day and there's magical creatures everywhere and a super hero on the swing!

It was a glorious day on Halloween and our garden was filled with fairies and super heroes.... ! The funny thing is they had all but forgotten it was Halloween! It was only at the last minute that we remembered!! :D Thank goodness my Hubby called and asked when we were heading out!! :D









Every Boy loves a tea party!

I'd asked Victoria to check on Jack as he was somewhere being "too quiet!" She found him and asked him if he'd like to play.... "I'm TOO BUSY playing Tea Party" he said!! :D




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Outdoor fun! water



We love to walk along this path, it's so pretty...! Here we had gathered Milk Weed pods and were letting the seeds FLY!!



Our city tends to let the fire hydrants run to flush the system once in a while and they happened to be doing it again today. My kids LOVE to float Croc shoe boats along the drains... yeah... my children LOVE to play in the drains!! Of course Alicia's kids did TOO!! :D