Saturday, February 27

Just a quick one before I fall asleep!


Another day down on the farm!! This time moved another trailer load of furniture, some sheep, some cows and a donkey. One more day to go and then it should aaaaaaalll be done!!! Phew!! Farm life is exhausting!! ;P The children had a blast though... they got to play on the trampoline all day long.....

I love these pics of the kids bouncing soooo high!! Jack didn't dare stand up so the girls took it upon themselves to BOUNCE HIM as high as they could! ;D

This is a photo we took last night of me and the lamb! It looks like a happy little thing, doesn't it?!?! :D

Well we are all exhausted. The kids are sleeping, hubby is sleeping, if it wasn't for the cat playing marbles under the bed I'd still be sleeping in Jack's room with him!! Ugh!! Night night all! ;D

Friday, February 26

Getting things done around here is like herding chickens! ;D

Now I know what that expression really means!! ;D We had more fun on the farm today helping with the move and the last thing we did before leaving was to round up all the chickens into a trailer so we can move them in the morning! I've NEVER had to round chickens up before, not literally anyway!! It's quite fun really!! ;D I don't know how many chickens there actually were, but I know I'll be dreaming about them tonight!! ;D

We've had a long and busy day and we'll all sleep like rocks.... I already DID sleep like a rock whilst putting Jack to bed. I must have laid my head down and closed my eyes because suddenly an hour had passed and I had no feeling left in my legs!!! ;D

I'm going to bed now .... more tomorrow! ;D


Thursday, February 25

The best laid plans, fun on the farm and blogging with a purpose.

Well!! Today was supposed to be unfinished project day.... and I suppose it turned out that way in the end, but it was supposed to be sitting at my house sipping tea and knitting!!! My usual suspects couldn't come today for one reason or another so I instead gathered up the kiddoes ( ok, two is hardly "gathering" ... maybe Puckering...!!) I PUCKERED up the kiddoes and we set off out to the house of some friends to help them pack up their farm so they could move out by Saturday!! They live faaaar away from us ( ok, about an hour or a bit less ) but they will be moving much closer, so that will be nice!! ;D Jack and Jessie LOVE going out to the farm... Jessie likes to play with the kids and the chickens, dog and cat.... Jack likes the big screen TV and the toys!! LOL!! The children were awesome and I got some exercise moving boxes to the garage! ;D We were there for a while and had a lovely time visiting as we worked! We'll be going back again tomorrow to do a bit more... I think they'll be moving the cows and chickens tomorrow too!! I'll stick to the boxes!! ;D It's so much easier to help someone else pack up and move than it is to do it yourself... I think it's just really overwhelming to look at your home and try to fathom out how on EARTH you are going to get it all in little boxes!! :D For outsiders it's just stuff and boxes... pack, carry, stack....pack, carry, stack!! Much easier!!!! Anyway, that's how we ended up spending the day!! Certainly not wasted that's for sure !;D

Finally I want to post a quick thread that I will be spending more time on soon. I'm not sure if you have heard of the Pearls?? Horrendous people who advocate such things as whipping babies and children until they are breathless to "Train them up" along with other unspeakable methods of parenting. Frankly it makes me sick just thinking about it. I've known about the practice for a while but have had my head in the sand as I couldn't bear to face that this was actually going on in today's modern society but recently a Californian child died following such "training". My fabulous friend Alicia posted about it all on her blog here. Read about it if you can bear to and please PLEASE pass this information along. We need to raise awareness of this sanctioned child abuse and make it stop. I intend to contact my local libaries, bookstores and churches and try to get the books withdrawn from the shelves. I feel it's the least I can do.

Wednesday, February 24

Oh My! Dear John!!

Lisa and I had a girl's night out tonight and went to see "Dear John"....!! Well!! Firstly I should explain that I really don't tend to like "romantic" movies...I'm usually about action or comedy... I think I just don't like to be vulnerable but there ya go. I happened to get a coupon for a free ticket to see Dear John from a DVD we bought recently and as I knew Lisa said she wanted to see it then I said we should go! Oh boy! I'm soooo glad we did!!! (Jessie, if you are reading this, stop now please.....)

(I mean it Jessie....!!!)

Oh my my....!!! Channing Tatum is just GORGEOUS in this movie!!! He spent faaaaar too little time with his shirt off but even when he was dressed in his army uniform.... wow. He is in SHAPE people!!!! I'm not even going to think about how YOUNG he probably is... I'm just not, but I WILL probably think about how goshdarn HOT the man is. Pheeeewwwweeeeeee!!!! It was hilarious in the cinema..... anytime there was any hint of sexuality, well, the entire audience held it's breath ( I should say "HER" breath, I didn't see one man in the place!! ) you could have heard a pin drop !!!!

Anyway!!!! Let me catch MY breath here......

****composes self****

I'm sure lots of other things happened today.... I imagine I did a little school with Jack.... if I recall correctly I played Taboo with the kiddoes whilst still in my pj's this morning and I'm pretty certain I painted something.... oh yes, a parrot....... but really..... who cares....!!!

LOOK AT THIS.....!!!

Sweet dreams folks! ;D

Tuesday, February 23


Oh my!! I had big plans for tonight!!! Well, when I say big plans I don't mean "BIG PLANS" I meant, well, staying awake would have been one of them!!! ;D I fell asleep holding Jack's hand at the side of his bed... Jessie came and woke me up, I tucked her into bed, got my PJ's on and came and sat with Rex....aaaaaand fell asleep again. **SIGH**!!! THIS is my life people!! Living on the edge....of the couch!!! ;D

Today was one of those days where nothing much gets done yet I didn't find anytime to sit and vegetate either!!! If I'm not going to get anything done at least let me find the time for loafing around and reading a book or something!! ;D I did get to chat on the phone with a (VERY HYPER) "Old" Lisa who had clearly been at the coffee in the worst way!!! I've never heard her talk so fast!!! LOL!! It's lovely to catch up and chat with her once in a while though, I love how we can just start yapping like we only saw each other yesterday!! I also chatted for quite some time with "New" Lisa too!! I'm beginning to think that "Lisa" perhaps translates into "Is Really Easy To Talk To!!"

The kiddoes were their usual selves today! Jack turned over Daddy's chair this morning in an effort to make some sort of hideout I suppose! Jessie decided that she would like to learn to speak Greek...wowzah. We started her off on "Livemocha" but sheesh, it's a trick!! It's really hard to read! She had fun trying it out though! She practiced some more on the piano and is coming along nicely. I played a little guitar today and am working on my callouses! Jackster worked on some reading and letter writing this afternoon... he really enjoys it and I love that!! If he's really unhappy about something I can offer to "Do School" with him and he's always as happy as if I'd offered him a cookie!!! (Though if I gave him a choice I know the cookie would win, no doubt there!!! ) Perhaps the poor boy is just starved for my attention?? : ( OR he really likes to learn! Yes! That's it!! Later Jessie and Jack pretended to be Greek Gods and had mighty battles throughout the first floor. I banished them to the living room as their tearing about was making everything shake in the dining room! I'm not all that confident in our floors! Jack apparently had wing~ed feet which instead of making him fleet, made him jump up and down like a Jack Rabbit. A common occurrence in ancient Greece, I'm betting! ;D Apparently I am Hera, the "Calm Goddess of the Family"... **snort** !! I'm not sure there IS a goddess for "The one with the sarcastic mouth and quick temper" !!! Anyhoo.... I'm rambling!! I can't help laughing at the page I have beside me listing some of the Greek Gods.... here's one I'm amused by ...Hephaestus... The ill-favored god of Metallurgy !!!! LOL!!! Sucks to be him!! ;D However, I'm also intrigued by Dionysus.... the joyful god of the wine!! Well... who wouldn't be?!? :D
Anyway.. seems like this Lightning Thief book may well have opened some new worlds for Jessie to explore for a while.... looks like we'll all be having some ancient Greek fun in the next few weeks! ;D

**GASP!!** Wait!! I just re read the paper..... Hera is The MATURE Goddess of the Family.... Hestia is the CALM goddess of the Hearth!!!!! Ack!!! So not only does Jessie not think I'm calm, she ALSO thinks I'm OLD !!! LOVELY!!

I'm going to bed. What's the name of the Greek God of the eiderdown and feather pillow??!??! :D

Goodnight! ;D

Monday, February 22

Sometimes I blow MY mind!! ;D LOL!!

What an awesome day today!! ;D It started out innocently enough... not much going on, the kids were playing, Jack's plan appeared to be to wreck the place

and Jessie decided to try and play the piano (since we don't have a violin yet! ;D) so she worked on playing When You Wish Upon A Star! It's starting to sound really nice!! ;D **Is very proud!!**

I had a play with my guitar... I have a cunning plan to learn to play Time In A Bottle before Rex's birthday next month. Hah. I'm going to have to practice A LOT~~ There are a lot of chords in there that are preeeeetty tricky!! My fingers are sore already! Anyway, it will be worth it in the end! ;D ( oh and don't tell him, 'k?? sshhhh!!!)

Jessie and Jack worked on some more words for Jack today whilst I ran the dogs out for a quick walk. He LOVES doing those magnet letter words and his writing is really improving! Yeahy! ;D Jessie worked on a thank you note and then made some lovely art which she put on the window.... the setting sun made them luminous and they look BEAUTIFUL!!!

After Daddy came home the mood picked up even further! He was in great spirits and we were all just giddy with joy! I made a DELICIOUS dinner... just a simple pasta but I made a sauce that was fantastic (AND Vegan!!) I cooked up some zucchini ( Courgettes! ) and some red onion in some olive oil until they were browning. I added some salt and pepper and stirred them some more. Then I added some delicious sauce from a teeeeeny town near here, the hearty vegetable one I think it was. I stirred that up until it bubbled then added fake meat!! ( oh YUM I hear you cry!! LOL!!) Morningstar crumbles are really good as far as fake meat goes! I cooked THAT up and THEN added a great slooosh of port !!! Ah HAH!!!! yep. Port. Deeeeeefrickin'lickinlicious!!! Oh it was so good!!! EVERYONE loved it. I had TONS!! WAAAY more than I should have had and THEN I wiped my finger around the pan before I washed it !!!!!!! LOL!! I'm SOOOO gross!! ;D We washed down our dinner with just a liiittle wine and I had just a littttttle couple of glasses more.... yummy!! I'm going to get into this wine thing, I can just see it!!! ;D

Hmmm... just realising this post isn't very "parenty" is it??! LOL!!! Ah well!! If Mama ain't happy.... and all that!! ;D

Toodles yoodles! ;D


Sunday, February 21

How we spent our Sunday....!

We worked a little on reading words from our cards, then finding the letters from the fridge magnets and then writing the words on to paper.....

We did a little art....!! This is "Daddy MAD!!" !!!

We watched some movies.....

Took naps....

Played in our rooms....

and headed to our cozy spots to read.......

Perfect!! How was YOUR day??? : D