Thursday, February 26

When the excreta hits the oscillating unit......

LOL!! Things have been a little.... um.... unsettled around here recently. I can't really say why just yet ( no, I'm not pregnant though that WOULD be unsettling!!) suffice it to say that unless something comes along pretty soon, hard times are on their way. Anyhoo.... that's the reason behind my sporadic posting lately... my head is on other things!!!

I was talking to hubby this morning.... worried that I am failing the kids, that they aren't learning anything, that they can't follow a simple direction, have memories of sieves and so on and so on... I get like this, panicking..... He reassured me that they are doing fine. He came up with a plan and he told Jessie what he wanted her to do this morning. I expressed concern that all Jessie is knowledgeable about is DRAGONS!!!!! DRAGONS?!?!?! they aren't even REAL!!! HOW will this help her in life!?!?!!! Then.... I found this and I began to relax. Theresa's right!! It's not the "what" of the learning that counts.... it's the learning. It's the process. It's all a process.

There are so many days these days when I just want to pull the covers over my head and never, ever get up again. Sometimes being a parent seems so overwhelmingly hard to me and being the fighter that I am... well.... I just want to quit!!! Rising every morning to the sounds of kids quarreling is not the best note to start the day on... and it seems to happen every day. Even right this moment I can't hear myself THINK because Jack is HAMMERING on the piano.... AARRGGGHHH!!!!!
If I go to bed early I'm annoyed and frustrated as I don't get enough time to myself, if I go to bed late then I'm cranky, annoyed and frustrated because I am TIRED!!! People say I should get up before the kids... um... they get up at 6:30. Just how flaming early should I get up!?!?? LOL!!

Anyway, I'm totally rambling here, completely distracted and unable to focus... Jack is making me INSANE!!! Jessie IS actually doing some school work and the dogs have FINALLY quieted down and are now sleeping!!!

Sorry about this nutso post!! I'll give it a better try a bit later on! ; D

Enjoy your day!! :D