Thursday, May 7

May Day! May Day! ;D

Ah hah hah hah....!! :D

Yes yes, May is here, May the no less, and I have once again forsaken thee for the fast and loose state of Iowa and the headiness of the Ice Cream Capital of the WORLD.... (again!) We went to Iowa last weekend and met up with the FABULOUS Alicia. We went to a lovely park to eat sandwiches and play, then we came back to the Ice Cream Capital of the WORLD and had HUGE and FABULOUS ice creams, THEN we went back to their motel and swam for a while THEN we collected our cares and woes and VICTORIA and headed back to our house! ;D Victoria is staying with us for a while and we are all having a really fun time together! ;D We've been for lots of walks, played at the park, learned long division, made a human cell (or rather a representation of one made with Jello and candies!! ) We've been to the library van, shopped at the store, built tents, practiced multiplication tables, played Wii, learned how to burn wood with a magnifier and the sun, identified birds, practiced bird calls, found a bunny tail ( :( ) planted pansies, made a scrapbook, done chore sticks, tried on prom dresses, played with make~up, made cards, played Hyperdash, made some time~lapse movies, ridden bikes and this morning we are going to bake a cake and this afternoon we are going to visit a friend's farm. I have still to make good on my promise to take the girls to a mall, Toria wants to teach us some of her soccer drills and Jessie and Toria have asked if they can host a party in the basement!!!! We're pretty busy around here right now!! :D I have lots of photos to post and will do so momentarily! I also need to share some photos from when Jessie and her cousin Megan went shopping for flower girl dresses! Oh MY how my little girl is growing up! :D

So I'll bid you adieu! I need to go and get dressed!! The girls have showered, had breakfast, got dressed, taught the dog some tricks and are now outside putting up another tent. LOL!! It's amazing how having an eleven year old suddenly in your life can wear a person OUT!! ;D It's like they are moving at three times my speed!!!!

Photos to follow.... Enjoy!!! More soon! I promise!! :D





Ice Cream Parlor!


The kids love the Giant Ice Cream Cone!


Jackster in the pool .... obviously!!

Victoria reminding me of Esther Williams...!

Annalee and her baby brother!

All the kids in the pool!


Growing up Glamorous!

Smiling girls!