Wednesday, October 8

It's AWESOME to be nine!! Updated on November 6th...!

Happy 9th Birthday Jessie!!! We're going to have a great day together! ;D We have Manicures, Pedicures, Bowling, the Movies and Dinner at a fancy restaurant!! Should be fun! :D



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UPDATE!! :D Some pics, finally, of all the fun we had! :D

Firstly Jessie and Mommy went out to get their fingers and toes painted!! :D Such FUN though I always struggle trying to pick a color! :D



Then we went home to pick up the boys, ate some double chocolate chip cake and headed out BOWLING! :D







After bowling we headed to the movies to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua..... We were the only people in there until the last minute when 6 more people came in!! :D





After the movies we went to Las Margeritas restaurant for a delicious dinner! It was getting really late and the kids were exhausted!! :D ( Daddy was getting pretty silly too......!! ;D )




My Great Big NINE year old.....!!! Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl!!