Saturday, February 9

Migraine stops play...

Well today was lovely!  Hubby drove the kids and I to Omaha to visit with the lovely Michele and her family and friends for a tea party!!  We had tea and scones and chocolates and scones and tea!!  We had a lovely time and Millie got plenty of attention!! The big kids played at the park and Millie showed off her big smiles!  Hubby came and collected us to take us home and along the way I developed a migraine.  Bah.  It is not the worst one I have had but it certainly made me want to go to bed early... So here I sit ..  Blogging on my iPod ... Possibly the worst thing to do with a migraine!!  Time for sleep, peeps!!  Night all .

Friday, February 8

A day in the life ...

Well I got some good sleep last night... not sure what's going to happen tonight.. baby girl fell asleep at 6:30.... and ... it's 8:30 and she's still "Napping".... um.... she usually goes to bed for the NIGHT at 9.... eek.  Is she going to wake up at 10:30 tonight and be all rested?!!?  Will we get ANY sleep tonight?  Will she sleep through the night and surprise us all??  Tune in tomorrow to find out!!

Pay no attention to the cat infront of the screen...!!
Today we had a visit from Mary in the afternoon which was lovely!  We weren't sure whether she was coming and I'd spent most of the day sort of putzing about not really getting anything done but once we heard she was coming, well, it was all systems go!!  We put on a timer for 30 minutes and got busy!!  I lit the fire, started some scones baking in the oven, put the kettle on to boil and hoovered the main floor!  The kids hustled all their bits and pieces up to their rooms and Miss Millie sweetly kept herself busy with her toys.   Mary and I chatted for a while in front of the fire until Hubby came home from work and then I put Millie to bed for her "nap"... see above... whilst Rex started making some soup!!  I came back own and added a couple more ingredients and ... yum!  It was lovely.

So basically a pretty simple day.  I got a bit more crocheting done and will probably do even more tonight, I have the back finished now.  This really shouldn't be taking this long, I just haven't go as much time as I used to have!! ;D

Back.. done!!

.... ahah... Millie is stirring apparently and the timer has gone off to alert Jack to bedtime... looks like it's going to start getting busy around here!!

Ahhh.... lovely! :D 

Night all!! ;D

Thursday, February 7

And the award for Best Daughter in the world goes to.....

....THIS girl!!!

Best Daughter Ever!! ;D 

What a star!!!  I had a pretty stressful day with one thing and another so when I put Millie down for a nap I fell asleep.  When Millie and I woke up I suddenly realized that Hubster would be home any moment and the kitchen was a DISASTER!!!  I came downstairs in a hurry and found......

THIS!!!  Bless her heart she had tidied the whole kitchen up for me!!!  I am so proud of her and so grateful to her for her help!!  What a star!  She knew just what I needed!!!  Top that off with a husband who brings home dinner.... (Chipotle AND ribs AND chocolate brownies......) and you can see what a lucky gal I am!!!!  

Thanks so much, Jessie... you ROCK!!! :D  xxxx

Wednesday, February 6

"Time to meet your [..] Ice Maker!"*

(*name that movie!!)

So!  Today!!  Last night Millie went to bed about 9:30 and only got me up 3 times between then and 8am.  :D  She was sleeping for four hour stretches .... oh MUCH better than the two or even one and a half I had been getting!!!  I was so thrilled!!!  Today I continued with trying to get her to nap... the stinker seems to fight sleep even though she is obviously tired!!  I found a great blog ( Troublesome Tots ) and whilst I don't agree with everything they espouse, I certainly have seen wonderful results by following a lot of their advice!!  Of course this DID involve me leaning over the crib this afternoon nursing her as she lay in her bed.  Tsk.  Don't tell anybody, 'K? :D

Anyway, I got more sleep, therefore I was a much happier, laid back, relaxed homeschooling Mama, right??!!  (pause for laughter......  ...   ... OK... that's enough laughter!!)  yeah.... No.  Not so much.  I tend to go through these panic stages every now and then about homeschooling ( about every 28 days as it happens.... ahem.... )   and I suddenly worry that the kids aren't learning enough, not learning the "right things" and their lives are going to fall apart and it will be All My Fault... etc etc... cue ranting, running around telling the kids they HAVE to learn stuff NOW... eating all the chocolate and bread in the house and then calling hubby in a state!  I think he's grown used to this as he knows just what to say "Don't worry so much, they are fine, watch some Frasier and relax" and he knows just what to do "I've hidden some chocolate in the truck in the garage, I'll make dinner when I come home" !!  Do I have a great hubby or what?!!?

I'm still on my purging the house kick....  I cleared out more drawers in my room this morning, can you believe my baby has already outgrown stuff??  I also cleared a couple more things  out of the pantry and started cleaning out the junk closet in the entry way.  I say started... I'd pulled everything out when hubby got home... seemed the quickest way to clean up the mess was simply to shove it all back in again!!  I did get a lot of it sorted and thrown out but there's still some to do tomorrow!

In the kitchen for Flylady this week... I haven't done all the missions yet.. I will probably do them all at once on Friday like I did last week but I decided to clear off the fridge.... Here's what it looked like before....

All cluttered and crazy.....!

 So I cleaned it ALL off....!!  Ahhhh... nice and clean and white and shiny.............

All clean....!!!...... but perhaps TOO clean?!!?

And then I panicked!!  Maybe that was TOO clean?!?!  Hubby thought it looked like we had just moved in!!! :D   We've had magnets and stuff on there for YEARS...!!   Hmm......

Ah.... that's better!!!

Soooo I stuck a couple of things back up there.....   That looks a bit better!! :D  LOL!!  

Well once again the kids are asleep... Jessie just came down to tell us goodnight and the other two have been snoozing for a while now.  Here's hoping for some long stretches of sleep tonight and a slightly less Harried Mama in the morning!!  Hey, there's always hope!! :D

Tuesday, February 5

Busy? Oh yeah!

Oh boy!!

So I did NOT get a good night's sleep last night either.  I went to bed at midnight ( I know, more fool me... ) and between the hours of midnight and seven am I was up FOUR TIMES with Millie.  I was worn OUT today!  I did get a lot done though....  dishwasher, bathrooms, kids fed...( yeah, I count feeding the kids!!) etc ... I also paid the bills, took everyone to the bookmobile, managed to get some rows of crochet done ( and I mean THREE... sheesh.. they take about 30 seconds a row.. but there ya go... three.  )  I got some school done with the kids, finished cleaning up my room ( though I still have a ton of stuff to get to the Goodwill store.. ) I watched a baby wearing video and tried out several new carries for Millie and I managed to go for a quick walk using the sling and the Baby Wearing coat the fabulous Lisa sent me!!  Millie and I needed to get some fresh air and sunshine!

This will work just fine!! 

Now... now I'm ready to go to bed... I'm so tired!!  I ensured Millie had THREE one hour naps today so I'm hoping that will result in a longer sleep tonight.  I think she has been over tired lately ( I know I have!! )  Well see how it works out!

Here's the "after" shot of our bedroom... looks better than yesterday!! ;D

Monday, February 4

Out of the closet ....!

Well I feel I have to type fast because it's been such a busy day!!!!  ;D   I did NOT get a lot of sleep last night...  *glares* but I DO have an adorable baby girl soooo... I guess that's ok!! ;D  I spent the morning trying to get stuff done around the house... and failing mostly!!  I did get the beds stripped and the bedding washed, got the toilets cleaned, dishwasher emptied, dinner in the slow cooker, school done at least a little bit, trash cans emptied, two more kitchen drawers cleaned out and sorted and I cleaned up some cat puke ( *glares again!*)  I also did an awful lot of nursing during which time I was able to finish my book "Let's Pretend This Never Happened!"  What an awesome book!  I loved it!!  It really is laugh out loud funny!!   Later in the day ( and I'd say "after lunch" only I realised tonight that we "FORGOT" lunch!!  HOW did we forget lunch?!?!  Jack is usually ALWAYS hungry!  I've no idea how we managed to miss it!!  I guess that Cream of Rice for breakfast really filled him up!!! ( YuK!! The only reason we have that in the house is because when I was pregnant with Millie my iron was low and that was a way to get a lot of iron... only it didn't work because I wouldn't eat it BECAUSE IT IS GROSS AND LOOKS LIKE WALLPAPER PASTE!!!! )  As you know we are eating out of the pantry (Yes, still....!!!) and so that stuff needs to be eaten by somebody and I am NOT doing it !!!  LOL!!  I guess it goes to show just how enough Maple Syrup can make anything palatable.  Almost.

Anyway, I totally digressed!!  So, after all the chores and nursing and reading I got to get back up in my bedroom where I cleared out my bedside table and got to work more on my closet.  It is here that Flylady would have a conniption fit.  I hauled EVERYTHING out of my closet and dumped it on the floor.  It's a really bad idea but I needed to know what was in there so I would know what needed to go where etc!  Ooooh!!  I just remembered I took a pic to show you what a mess it was!!  Hang on .......

Yeah......  and that's not really the worst of it.... I was halfway done when I though to take the pic!! :D  
So... yeah.... that's a actually looks a LOT better now but Millie is sleeping and it's dark so I'll post an "after" picture tomorrow!!

In the meantime enjoy these lovely pics of my littlest ....!!

She looks like something from The Sound of Music here!! 

And now she just looks cute!! :D 

What happens when you have a big sister, a baby sister, and a BIG box?!!? ;D  THIS!!!

Toodles!! :D 

Sunday, February 3

Organization Station! :D

Wow....!!  What an awesome day today!!  Slept like a freaking ROCK last night... may have had something to do with the Corona I drank before bed and also may have had something to do with Millie getting so much sleep throughout the day yesterday... I think she had been overtired.  She got a fair amount of sleep today too so I'm hoping she sleeps well tonight also!

Hubby went out to the sports show this morning leaving me, Jack and Millie.  Millie and I got a bit of organizing in the kitchen taken care of.... I cleared out two drawers and my cupboards containing all my baking pans and so on.  I have two bags of stuff to donate from there!  Jack and I made some Black Bean Brownies but I didn't have eggs so I used apple sauce.  I baked them and they smelled great... came out rather not cooked.  I stuck it in the fridge to see if it would harden up a bit... but... nope.  Then I reread the recipe. I'm thinking if a recipe DOES NOT CONTAIN FLOUR... then you shouldn't be skipping the eggs!!! LOL!!  Oops. So Jack had black bean chocolate pudding!!!  He enjoyed it !!  (he'll be regular!!!)

Once hubby came home he came upstairs with me and the baby and entertained her whilst I went through my closet and tried on every single thing I own that was in there!!!  Anything that did not look GREAT got thrown into a huge pile!  I now have a lot less stuff, but everything I do have looks awesome on me!!  ( Or at least, looks better than the other stuff!!!)   I've been going through my dresser drawers too.... tomorrow I'll be going through all the sheets and towels, Christmas and craft stuff....  I just love not to have tons of stuff around me!!!  It's so FREEING to get rid of things...!! I'll be taking a few trips to the Goodwill store I think!! ;D  I'm also trying to make sure the house it nice and organized for when the lovely April and her family arrive to housesit for me next month!!  I want it to be that she can quickly and easily find anything she needs!

Anyway, the kitchen needs a quick clean then it's time to get some crochet done I hope!! :D  I fell asleep at 10:30 last night I was so tired... hopefully I can stay up a LITTLE later tonight! ;D

Night Peeps! :D