Monday, June 17

Wassssuuupppp?? :D

Yow!! :D  My last post was on the 4th of June ( my birthday!!) and that was only like, what, 3, or 4 days ago, right???!  Try nearly TWO WEEKS ago?  Yeesh. I knew June was going to be busy but this is insanity!! Jessie has been rehearsing for a homeschool version of 12th Night.  She rehearsed every Tuesday and Thursday for a while and then it went to every day and then there was the performance... which was excellent by the way!
Looking very dashing as a fella !! :D 

Then Millie turned 10 months and hubby and I had our 17 year wedding anniversary! ( Seventeen YEARS!!  Zowee!!!)

(She promptly "ate" the number 10!! )
 Then we went to Kansas for a wedding, then it was "Traditional" Father's Day but we are going to celebrate on the day Rex became a Father, which is Jessie's birthday.  It just feels more personal that way! That same day Jessie headed off to camp Kitaki for a week

(Not that she's excited or anything...!!)

and then today Jackster had his first day at camp!

Taken through the van window because the BUGS are HORRENDOUS there!!! 

He was worn OUT when we got him home!!

He's going to be there every day for the week ahead!  Sooo it's just me and the baby..!! ;D  It's really lovely to spend one on one time with her all day long but I still keep thinking I should be able to get work done !!  Hah hah.  I should know better! :D   I DID get a whole ton of laundry done today and out on to the line to dry in the sun.  Millie was a big help.....

Goofy Baby!!! :D

There is NOTHING nicer (ok, there are probably a LOT of things nicer but stay with me here ) than the smell of sheets on the bed that have dried that day on the line!  I'm looking forward to sleeping within them tonight!

In between all the plays and camp and such I've also rekindled a love of Tarot within myself and made the mistake of asking if any of my friends on Facebook would like a reading whilst I relearn the cards!!  LOL!!  I was actually worried that my friends might disown me!  Far from it!!  I have a list a mile long of names of people who would like me to "do" them!  I've done 15 so far and have had such a positive response!  I've been amazed, quite frankly!  I don't know how the cards work, they just do.  I've had my cards for years and actually stopped reading them after they scared me once.  I started back up with them because Jessie was playing at her friends house with playing cards and "telling the future" .. I told her about my Tarot cards that I'd kept hidden away and she was intrigued.  I got them out, asked if anyone would be my guinea pig and the rest is history!  I did buy a fun pack of Housewives Tarot cards too

( a "Domestic Divination kit! ) but have been so busy with my regular cards I haven't had a real chance to give them a go and see if they work...  !  I suppose I could offer a Housewives Tarot reading to anyone who might like to help me try them out...!?!? :D  It looked like fun and I had a gift card.... you know how that goes!! :D  So anyhoo, that's how the last week or two has shaken out....  The kids will be busy all this coming week and then at the end of the next week.....  well...  Captiva Island here we come! ;D