Tuesday, March 3

Ketchup! :D

The days are FLASHING by and I find it is 5 days since my last confession...oh... wait... wrong box.....! ;D Ahem!

Well! Today finds me in a fairly relaxed and happy state... I'm not sure why, perhaps it's the mood enhancing drugs..... I keeed, I keeed! ;D I wiiiish I wiiiiish!! ;D I think it's more likely to do with the fact that I was dressed before 9 am this morning and the kids and I got a few things done that needed doing. I am the sort of weirdo sweet and sensitive sort who NEEDS to get things accomplished in order to feel happy and content with herself. I know, I know, I really should work on that!! ;D

I'm also working on trying to be more positive and happy.... Last night as we were sitting at the dinner table hubby mentioned that perhaps I should try NOT using such negative words as "damn" "flipping" "flaming" and so on as the children and the whole household come to that, pick up on the tone..... so, in order to be a nice compliant little wife, I came up with "Jolly" !!!! It does amuse me!! :D "Oh dear, it seems that the Jolly dog has peed all over the Jolly floor again!!!" It IS hard to stay angry when you talk that way and it reminds me of "Queenie" in the Black Adder shows!! ;D "Who's Queen!!??!"

Megan came over the other day and she and I played with the children to keep their "jolly" spirits up and get their "jolly" wiggles out!! A friend of mine gave me a neat book ( which has already disappeared somewhere in the many and varied piles around the house...) that had some great ideas for indoor play. One of them was a tug of war with a T towel and two small kids! ;D The kids sit on the floor facing each other, toes touching if I recall correctly, and each of them has hold of either end of a T towel. On the count of three each child starts pulling until one falls over or lets go...!! Easy eh!?! An old favorite is the Sock Game..... all players ( there has to be more than one...! )sit in a circle with their feet touching in the middle. On three everyone races to pull off their opponents socks. The winner is the person who has one or both socks remaining on their feet at the end of the game. Another game we enjoyed was leg wrestling. Both children lie next to each other, top to toe, with their feet at each others hips and their toes pointing towards each others heads. On the count of three both players wrap their inside legs together and wrestle trying to pull each other over... it's pretty hard to explain, but give it a go and see if you can figure out what I mean! ;D Aaaaaanyway... that was what happened this weekend!!! ( LOL!! Can you tell I'm distracted!?!? Hubby is trying to talk to me and I can't type, think AND talk all at the same time!! )

Today was a tricky day in the afternoon.... the morning went well but then Jessie went to her riding lesson. Jack and I did a little reading, played Scrabble ( of a sort! ) and Blokus ( again, of a sort! ) then we went to pick up Jessie. Now you KNOW something is not right when you walk into the horse barn and everyone is walking towards you AND THEY ARE ALL CRYING. Yeepers. Turns out Jessie and her 10 yr old friend were both riding in the arena and the horses decided they wanted to play. They took off galloping around the arena with both girls hanging on for dear life and the instructor yelling "HOLD ON!! HOLD ON!!!" well, sadly, Jessie didn't hold on quite tight enough and fell off, rolling across the dirt and eventually hitting the fence with her helmet ( thank god!) arm and leg. Poor girl. Apparently she wanted me right away but they decided not to call me ( I guess I was due to arrive there in only a few minutes anyway...??... ) and they took the girls up to "The Big House" where they were given milk and cookies to stop their blood sugar plummeting with the shock. Jessie was given a horse necklace which is apparently a "bravery medal" of sorts for girls who fall off. When I went to pick her up she was still in shock as was the instructor, the other little girl, the other little girl's mother, and, before long, me! Jessie seems fine, she plans to continue riding again as soon as possible, but, Oy, she's going to be sore tomorrow! ;}

LOL!! As I was typing here I suddenly remembered Megan came over on Sunday and brought old Prom dresses for Jessie to dress up in... they were SOOO pretty and Jessie looked fabulous in them. We took a ton of pics and I was going to add some for you to see.... I inserted the photo card.. and nothing happened. If you know me from Facebook you will have heard that my computer is DOA. I'm using Jessie's old computer which is sssslllllooooowwww..... In trying to get the (Jolly) camera card reader to work we managed to lose the (Jolly Jolly) mouse...... GGGAAAHHHHHH!!!! Staying positive, keeping calm.....!! I'm going to post this rambling effort of a post NOW before the whole shebang crashes!!!

Fingers crossed I get my old computer fixed before too much longer!! ;D

'Night all! :D