Friday, August 22

Last ones! Something you don't see everyday!

So we're heading out of Worthington, MN and find ourselves held up by a very large Tube. Hmmm.


Upon closer inspection it appears to be part of a windmill....!! Apparently the driver was having a hell of a time trying to get it onto the approach to the interstate!!! He'd creep forward ... aaaaand back. Forward forward forward.... aaaaand back!! Took us a wee while to get out of town, but we had Muddy Buddies so we were happy travelers and content to watch and wait!


And later.. along the highway somewhere I came upon THIS !! A windmill vane!!! Those things are loooooooong and very flexible. A little startling when you are trying to drive past 'em at speed! :D


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Yet more pics....hang the cleaning!

Alicia looking trampy pretty!


The dog, melting into the grass! She spreads herself as flat as she can get to keep cool on the grass!


Sleeping boy....


and sleeping girl! Bless 'em!!

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Yet MORE camping pics!

Heartily sick of them yet?!! :D

Dinner time a la carte!


I torment Alicia and try and take odd pics of her... this is NOT one of them! :D


Some of the kiddies looking peaceful!


Bag lady!!!


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MORE Camping!!

Jackster in our tent!

Jack at the playground... he LOVED that thing!

Daryl playing a dulcimer...

and Jeanne giving it a go!

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Some more camping pictures!

Here are some more pics... I have clicked onto Picasa to let them download my images for me.. I'll see how it works out! : D

The playground....

My lovely tent!

The "wimmen" using my bloody phone at exorbitant roaming rates to call 1-800-dial-a-hunk. Tsk.

My dawg... again!! :D

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On the ferris wheel....!

Would you believe I accidentally deleted all my lovely photos from the county fair. Boo. Happily hubby had taken some of us on the ferris wheel and here is proof of my Jackster LOVING his first "big wheel" ride!!! He's really taking big strides this year! Way to go, Jack!!! :D

(Edited: Handsome, wonderful, amazing hubby was able to find the pictures for me! He ROCKS!!)

Every year Jessie and I ride together on the Ferris Wheel. This time Jack wanted to come too.......

This is us three on our way around. I was so amazed that Jack was happy and enjoying it as opposed to panicking and trying to escape right at the top, which is what I THOUGHT might happen, that I kept trying to get photos of him laughing and grinning!

Here's a good one!

Here's Jessie enjoying herself too!!!

This is the view from the top of the wheel! You can see hubby taking a picture of us at the bottom!

And this is one Hubby took that I really like!

I love our tradition and am so happy that Jack is now part of it too!!!

Pictures from the 5k....!

Can you tell I'm stalling to avoid cleaning the house?! Is it that transparent!?

This is me... guess which one..... and the throng of runners at the start. Most of them ploughed past me within the first couple of feet leaving me to wonder that I might be the last. I REALLY didn't want to be last. I didn't care where or when I finished... just not last.. please...!!!!!

So I didn't come in last.......!! I made it in reasonable time I thought! Ignore the fact that the first place runners came in after only 12 minutes or some such nonsense!!! HOW is that possible!?!?!

THIS guy came in last, but he is my hero. He is 93 years old and a really nice guy! He came in after 46 minutes which I think is bloody amazing!!! Good for him!!!!!!

Next time, 5 miles....!!!!!

Thursday, August 21

Camping in MN !

We had a most excellent time in MN on our camping trip!

Here are some pics! :D

This was everyone on the first evening! The two Jacks appear to be arguing over the lantern. Very possible!!

I love this pic Jack took of me.... Look at Alicia in the background!! She looks a touch frazzled...!! LOL!! And the two boys hugging by the tent...! So cute!! : D

Jack hardly knew this family but jumped right in to play ball with them! ;D I'm so proud of him these days! Since he got the glasses he's a new kiddoe! ;D

Breaking out of my box! :D

Oh I have so much to tell you but I just don't get time to blog! :D I have too... many .... pictures! It takes me an age to resize everything and get them online that I put off the whole thing, then put it off some more, then take more pictures that need resizing.. and so on! :D

I had a wonderful couple of days in MN recently! I fulfilled my daughter's wishes to go camping this summer and I drove myself, the kids, the dog and a tent to MN where we met up with the lovely Alicia and another family I haven't seen for a long time! All the kids played so nicely together, the campsite was beautiful, the weather sublime and not ONE bug bite!! :D ( I have pictures... ! ) I'm so proud of myself for driving all that way alone. I know it's probably not a huge deal for some, but hey, it's a biggie for me! :D

I'm in the middle of making dinner at the moment, but wanted to post whilst I was thinking about it! :D

More later! :D

Oh... and PS... the weather is fantastic here today... 80 degrees was our high, the windows in the house are all flung open and the breeze is gently blowing through the house. I can smell smoke from a woodfire on the wind... it's heavenly. ( ok, apart from the TRAIN that just went by! THAT is LOUD!! )