Friday, January 16

Fun on Friday! :D

Well... I don't really know how much FUN we'll have today, but I'm sure they'll be a bunch of it! Isn't there ALWAYS??? Jack only peed his pants THREE times yesterday and one of the dogs got under the dining table and thought it was an appropriate place to empty their bladder. I tried to clean it up but I notice this morning that there is a HUGE stain on the carpet now.

**pause whilst I swear vividly**

I originally bought the puppy to take my mind and heart off my lost baby. I got the older dog to make me feel less guilty for getting a puppy. I wish, quite often, that I'd got neither.

Ah well!! You didn't want to hear all that did you!?! :D

OK! Onto sunnier, or at least brighter things!!

It snowed last night! The thing is neither Hubby nor myself had any idea it was going to snow, but Mum ( Garry ) back in the UK had checked our weather over night and SHE knew we were going to get snow!!! Ain't the Internet grand!!?!?! :D Hubby is out at work and then off to ANOTHER sports show tonight. I don't see the attraction myself, but he enjoys them so who am I to complain!?!? :D The kids are tearing about getting ready to go outside and play and I am contemplating my next move! Somewhere HOT I think.... like the Bahamas!??! or the shower?!?!? Shower's closer... and free!!! I think I'll try there!! :D

Later, Peeps!! 'D

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