Tuesday, January 31

I have not forgotten you, friends!! ;D

Sorry to have been absent lately!! THINGS have been afoot!! ;D  Turns out it's not caffeine that makes your boobs sore.... nah..... nothing that simple..... it's teeny tiny babies that make your boobs sore!!!  Yup!  After 6 years of thinking we were out of the baby making business... SURPRISE.....!!!  Aie aie aie!!  We are very happy but a little nervous given our rather lousy history at getting babies to full term!  This little one looks good though... We've got a nice little heartbeat going, all my pregnancy symptoms are ticking along just fine ( no throwing up thank goodness but I've never had morning sickness so that's no biggie! ) and we're just taking each day as it comes.  I figure it's best to just enjoy being pregnant and hope it lasts the 40 weeks!  I have also decided to try and find one thing each week to look forward to rather than counting the weeks pregnant!  It starts to go reeeeeally slowly if you count it!!! ;D  So.... next week I'm planning a date night with the hubs....  after that it's anyone's guess!!  Any awesome ideas for how I can pass the time!?!  I'm supposed to be "taking it easy"... no lifting, no chores, no nookie.... so horse riding and bungee jumping are probably out....  any other thoughts?!?!

Also, peeps, I HAVE planned to have my head shaved on the 10th of March!!  ( !!??) I'm trying to raise money for children's cancer research through St Baldricks ( get it?  BALD ricks?? ) so if ya fancy seeing me naked ( my naked HEAD anyway ) please feel free to donate on my pledge page....!  Wait a second...here's  a link!  I'm not good at fund raising as I hate asking people for money BUT I won't shave my head for less than $500 !!!   ( We're hoping to raise $1000 but we'll see how it goes!! )

Anyhoo folks, frankly I'm stalling as I'm working on some transcribing this afternoon and it's a bit of a tricky one!  I treated myself to a little time out and a bit of catching up on the blogosphere!

Nice seeing you again!  More soon!!  ( I suppose if I have to be sitting around I might as well spend the time typing eh!? )