Friday, July 4

Happy 4th of July all! :D

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe 4th this year! :D ( well, every year really.... it's not contingent on it being THIS year, per se, every year I want you to be safe...!! ;D )

Today the kids are busy painting pictures of fireworks and last night we watched our neighbors burn their money and enjoyed the delights of gunpowder and China combined! :D Tonight we will probably go to our local park and watch their fantastic display and then carefully wind our way back through the neighborhood which generally approaches a war zone on the night of the 4th! :D

Every time we see a fireworks display I am reminded of my younger brother. We'd been to see a firework display one evening and were home in bed, supposedly sleeping. My brother was reliving the night's pyrotechnics....
My Dad came into the bedroom looking a touch disturbed! "WHAT are you DOING THOMAS?!?!"
"I'm playing fireworks, Dad." He answered reasonably.
"Well.... " Dad said, somewhat at a loss for words..... "..... just play the colors then!!!"
"ok Dad..... " said Tom.
Dad left the room and as he was closing the door behind him he heard Tom .....
"......ffffffccccchhhhheeeeewwwwwwwww ....


Wednesday, July 2

Ever get lost in a book?!

I honestly spent most of the day reading a book! I'm reading The Other Boleyn Girl and it's fantastic. It is such a page turner I really can't put it down! I'm going to go to bed early tonight and read it some more! :D Happily Jessie is a book bug too and we both sit and read read read!! Jack loves his books also, but he likes ME to read to him! If I read out loud though, I tend to fall asleep ( especially the sorts of books he enjoys.. not exactly riveting prose, if you know what I mean!!) so it's not an ideal situation!! Still, we had a great day, reading, more reading, some swimming, reading again.....!! LOL!! :D

Gotta go now... my book is waiting! ;D More tomorrow... really.....!! :D

Tuesday, July 1

It's happened... so soon....

I'm officially an old fart who can't figure out how to download audio files to an MP3 player. I can't believe that it's finally happened... technology has outed me!!! I had been able to pretend I could manage. DVD player? No problem! Computer...? FINE !! ( as long as it's emails and not much else ...!) However, it began with my cell phone..... How the HELL do I turn this thing OFF?! How do I make a phone call?!?! I can send a text now.. but honestly, not with any form of punctuation at all!!! I have no idea how to make exclamation marks!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!! And now, my MP3 ??! Fuggeduboutit..... Damn thing. Makes me feel like a fool. I worked for literally hours to figure out how to download a free audio book from the library on to my computer. I try to download it to my player.... WRONGO!!!! That file is not supported by your cute pink toy..... ggggGGGGGAAHHHHH!.


I'm going to bed. To read a REAL BOOK. One made of paper that I can hold in my hands ( and no doubt drop on my face ( again ) when I fall asleep!!) Actually I'm reading "The Other Boleyn Girl" and it's AWESOME DUDE!! (trying for cool here since I feel like a wassak) It's a really good read and I've had trouble getting dinner tonight as I was too busy reading and reading!! I LOVE books like that.. a real page turner!! At least I know how to do that!!! :D

Good night all.....!!!

Monday, June 30

AP Parenting your fruit bats.

Or, how on earth am I supposed to afford to feed these kids through the summer?!?! :D

The kiddoes last night had a late lunch so at dinner time weren't overly hungry. We carved up a watermelon and had it with red grapes and that was last night's dinner. For lunch today... more watermelon please... and some more?...... maybe another piece??.... just one more piece?..... and perhaps just ONE more piece but that's it, I'm done then....


Can I have a banana??!!

Boy these kids can put away fruit! :D

Today not much else has gone on really. I went for my run and did my exercises, cleaned the house ( it's whole house cleaning day again again... don't you just LOVE the way it keeps coming around?!?! ) did the laundry and so on. My friend Diana came over to pick up her pets so now we are left with only the pets we own... no more guests. I told her that the Guinea Pig and Turtle were both VERY polite, listened well and gave me no sass! They'd be welcome to visit us again! : D Diana stayed for a while with her kiddoes and the children all swam and played in the pool... lots of fun! Once they'd left the afternoon just sort of waned.... no excitement or drama... and I have to say, that's FINE by me! :D

Until next time.....

Sunday, June 29

Gorgeous day today!

The weather is spectacular today! It's in the high 60's or low 70's, there's a delicious cool breeze and the sun is shining!! ahhhh..... bliss!!! :D

Hubby is out for the morning with his bud and I am taking the kiddoes over to one of my friend's houses for the day too! I'm also planning on putting together the ingredients for a Vegan Chocolate Cherry Cake! I'll let you know how it turns out!! :D I hope you have a wonderful day where ever you are!