Wednesday, November 12

Bragging up my husband......again! :D

I know, I know, I do this far too often but the man deserves it! ;D

3 quick things! :D

One, I was talking to him the other night and was whittling about whether or not I'm doing enough "school" with Jessie and whether she is smart enough etc etc etc. He said ( And I quote ) " I think you should Love Her More and Worry Less" !! Isn't that WONDERFUL!?!!? It still makes me tear up just writing it, it's even harder to say out loud!!! What a wonderful guy!!!

Two We were talking on the phone as he was driving home and I asked if he'd stopped by the store to get me any more of those fancy pants chocolates I like so much ( the individually wrapped ones, Alicia... I've already gone through another box since you left.... ) He said "Oh Darn, no....I didn't...and I'm almost home now......" ...... anyway. He came in the door and had a bag in his hand. He handed it to me, said "Dog treats" ( our code for .... "there's something in there you will like that you won't want the kids to see......" ) and I took it into the kitchen to find it contained a couple of things for him AND a box of fancy pants, individually wrapped choccies!!!! HEY!!! I said! You DID go to the store!!! Noooo... he said, You don't give me enough credit... haven't you noticed the box is COLD?!? WHY would they be COLD?!?! Ahhhh!! I gasped!! They were in the garage!?!!? Yup! The man stocks UP on fancy pants individually wrapped chocs and then hides them in the garage so I won't ever have to do without !!!!!! ISN'T HE AWESOME!?!?!?!?!?

Thirdly and finally for tonight, I was putting my boy to bed tonight and hoping to be down in time for 9pm to watch CSI. Jackster had other plans and, after I thought he was asleep, got up and came after me into my room as I was getting my slippers. He wanted to sleep in my bed so I lay down with him. I know. Fatal move. I woke up again at 10:15. I was pretty annoyed to have slept my evening away and even more annoyed that Rex had obviously fallen asleep too and not come to wake me so I could watch my show. I griped my way downstairs and sat down on the couch next to a sleeping husband. Grrr and grumble. He stirred awake and asked what was wrong. I announced it was TEN FIFTEEN and he sat up amazed. I felt realy groggy from going to sleep and he was really groggy himself. He got up to put the dogs out to pee and said "Oh..... I recorded CSI for you.... it's still recording...look....!!! " !!!!!!! What a STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He passed me half a fancy pants chocolate on his way up to bed.... I'm going to go up too... I can watch CSI tomorrow! I'm so very lucky! :D

Goodnight! :D