Wednesday, February 13

AP Moment of the... wait.. how long has it been now!?!? :D

Hmmm..!! It's been busy around here!

We've decided we are going out of business... the Baby Making Business that is! We've decided it's better to just bite the bullet, say we are done and make it our decision, rather than feeling that nature is deciding for us!!! HAH!! WE decided people!! :D

I have been going through the baby room and bagging up and sorting out baby clothes, boppys, exersaucers, strollers, high chairs, slings, shoes, toys, mobies, bouncers... the lot!! All of it is going!! It's for sure going to be a clean sweep and is almost scary to do it, but I'm going to feel so much better when it's all gone. It was getting too much to walk into the old nursery and see all the reminders of how we have failed to make more babies!!! And hey, you know what they say!?! Once you throw out all your stuff you are almost CERTAIN to get pregnant again!! LOL!!! Well I'm hoping it's not true, but if it is, then heck, I guess we'll have to get ALL NEW STUFF !! LOL!!

A friend of mine walked with me through Super Target the other day and we cruised through the baby aisle looking at all the stuff... I am AMAZED at how things have changed in only 5 short years!!! They have such FABULOUS stuff, beautiful bassinets, car seats that are gorgeous, lovely clothes.....!!!! It certainly wouldn't be too hard to have to get new.. you know.. if we HAD to ! ;D

Actually it's nice to no longer think of the room as a baby room, but instead we will think of it as a tween room!! :D Our great friends from MN come over frequently with their tribe of 4 and the oldest girl and Jessie love to share a room. I've told Jessie that they can pick out some borders and maybe some paint and we'll make it more of a big girl space for when they come and stay!! It will be lovely to have it USED again! :D

Anyway, I suppose this is AP'ing me. It's meeting my needs by clearing out old memories and making room for new ones. It's taking charge of events, removing negativity and moving boldly on.

Onwards, onwards, ever onwards.