Monday, January 19

I have a dream.....!!!

But it's not as impressive as MLK's so I won't bore you with it here!! ;D

Yesterday we helped to stimulate the economy some more through a little retail therapy ( don't say I never do anything for you!! ;D ) though everything we bought was massively reduced and I managed to talk Rex out of buying a whole bunch of stuff I might have agreed with in the past. Times are getting hard, folks... hold on to those nickels and dimes...!! Sunday night we went over to a friend's house to eat some yummy food, play on their Wii fit ( Oh How I LOVE the Skiing....!!) and generally have some laughs!!! This morning we were still Hemming and Hawing (!! I LOVE that expression! ) about whether to make the drive up to Minnesota for the day to spend it with Annalee on her birthday. We chose not to, but it was such a close call. I was pretty disappointed in the end as I really craved a little adventure, a little something different for a grey old Monday day. Ah well. The party has already started now ( as she glances at the clock! ) and we've well and truly missed it!! I'm sure Annalee will have a lovely day anyway and it sounds like millions of folks were going to go along to the party!! Maybe next year, eh?! :D

Today we spent a little time digging into the trash that is my house at the moment!! ;D I spent 15 mins in the kitchen, 15 in the dining room and 15 in the bathroom and it looks SOOO much better already!! Rex came home about 1pm and we've been hanging about, talking about this and that! Jessie and Jack made us a pot of tea and laid out some cookies and now everyone is sitting and watching some sentimental Irish movie. Not really my scene, but hey, sitting around drinking tea and dipping bikkies is never a bad day!! ;D

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sheri said...

Must be a cleaning kind of day, because we are at it over here too. My treat tonight, a steamy cup of vanilla tea. Yummy!