Tuesday, June 16


Well, all I can say is the earth MUST be flat, otherwise how would it be SOOO easy for me to fall off it like that!! : D My problem comes mostly with photographs. I have SOOO many pictures I want to share with you and the constant resizing and farting about with them to get them on my blog is very waring. tsk.

Anyway, we're all good over here... well most of us anyway. We lost two of our pets rats in one day.... there's more to that story but I'll have to remember to tell it some other time.... We've been doing lots of geocaching and have been working hard trying to find a bicycle situation that will work for Jack. Speaking of Jack he's driving me mad too!!! Today started off terribly but by the end of it seemed to have smoothed out some what. I have set the children on to chores... and they LOVE them the goofy kids! Who knew kids would fight over who gets to clean the toilets?!!? Jack is a star about chores and seems to relish the responsibility of it all. Bless him! He emptied all the trash cans, cleaned all the toilets, vacuumed the living and dining room, set the table for dinner (with drinks) and cleared the table afterwards! Jessie has done two loads of laundry today ( washed, dried and folded ) made a salad for dinner and helped clear and wash the dishes. I feel like a slave driver but I LOVE that they are learning to take responsibility for things and I am happy to be getting things done in the house!! Anyway, with the responsibility of the chores Jack really did seem to relax a lot. He does need to be kept productive I think. I do him a disservice by not keeping him busy enough. He went to bed, with no argument, at 7:30 and was fast asleep before 8:00. A Good Day....!! ;D

I've been trying to work out on my Wii Fit ( but have slacked off lately and now I have guilt.... gah!!! ) I rediscovered the joy of Vitamin B this afternoon and think the lack of it may have been a huge contributing factor to my feeling terrible lately. I've been sooooo tired ALLL the time. I can sleep all day long and wake up exhausted!!! What's THAT about?!!? I took a vitamin B this afternoon and am amazed to find myself feeling quite alert now.... of course I've just realised that instead of sitting on my warm and Oh So Comfy recliner, I am typing on the computer which would naturally leave me more awake, but heck, I FEEL better!! ' D

Anyway, I'm really busy with lots of little things here and there... I'm hoping to catch up with more friends over the summer, and I also want to try taking cuttings from my rose bushes and rooting them! ( I accidentally typed Rotting just then. Hmm.... very telling! )

I'm going to go and make a cup of tea and revel in my cleaner and tidier house ( we'll all ignore the kitchen shall we?!!? ) and then I'm going to try for an early night! ; D

It's good to be back! : D