Saturday, July 3

An Update! ;D

Hellllooooo peeps! :D

Just a quick update as I seem to have no time to blog at the moment despite really REALLY wanting to!!!

Since I got back from the BRAN I have not felt the need to go to Boot Camp every day, hell, I haven't felt the need to go ANY day it turns out!!! I do miss it, it's fun and I felt great, but it took out a good two hours of my morning, my most productive time of the day, and since I stopped going I have realised WHY the house was always such a pit and my routines fell completely away! Now I'm back to keeping the house straight, running the dishwasher every night, doing the laundry and, most importantly for me, actually "Being" there for the kids. Sure, I was HERE but I was so wiped out from exercising that I would nap and fall asleep constantly. Anyway, we've been spending lots of time doing "Arts and Cwaps" as Jack calls it. He LOVES it and he is happy to do ANYTHING besides watch TV. I mean, he loves TV but it turns out if you ask him to help you clean the toilets he'd rather do that!! He loves being a Big Helper so I'm trying to take advantage! ;D We've made all sorts of things lately, balancing butterflies, a paper star for the window and a banner that we made today. I'm going to have the kids help me make some neat food things for tomorrow.... S'mores on a stick being one of them!! Yummoooo!!!!

Jessie has been shown how to climb onto the roof of the carport and has adopted that as her "Secret Spot" She hauls the ladder up after her to stop Jack climbing up too. Rex was worried about her being up there but I read something recently that said you should do something that scares you everyday! Also I read something else that said basically life isn't as dangerous as we make it out to be and we all need to take a few more risks. She's fine up there, she is sensible and scared enough not to do anything stupid. She's also SO proud of herself for being brave!! What a neat chick!!

Jackster got a cool recumbent trike the other day and he LOVES that thing. He's finally able to ride a real bike like a big kid. I'm pretty sure we can safely retire his rainbow bike that Jessie used to ride when she was a toddler! He was FAR to big for it but it was the only bike he felt safe on. This new one is fantastic, it has gears and brakes... he's the bee's knees now !!! : D

So anyway, that's us in a nutshell.... more soon!! I really love blogging and hope to have a bit more time for it soon.... any day now...... riiight??!!?

( I was hoping to put a slew of photos onto the blog tonight but it's such a pain in the rear and I'm just cranky enough that I've chosen to put them on Facebook instead!! Are we FB friends?? If not, come and find me!! :D )


Update to the update....... Here's a link to the pics on FB.....