Sunday, March 8

Springing Forward! :D

Well let's try and keep things positive, shall we?!!? :D We've had some wonderful weather here recently..... two days of temps in the high 70's and low 80's! I KNOW!!! but today... it's 34 and drizzly! Ah well.. could be SNOWING!!!!

I've had some great AP moments with the kids, well, Jack, lately, yesterday was a doozy. Hubby and I were sleeping in and we suddenly woken by SCREAMING and crying from downstairs. It was Jessie, no doubt about it, so I tore down there wondering what on EARTH had happened. It turned out Jack had hold of an extending dog lead and had WHIPPED her on the arm with it. It must have really hurt. Jessie was crying and Jack was yelling at the top of his voice in an attempt to drown out hers.... I hugged and comforted Jessie and made sure she was ok. I sat her on the couch under a blanket and then turned to deal with Jack.

As you know, I'm kind of at a loss with him and would much rather just NOT deal with him, but this had to be sorted out. In the last day or two I have come up with "THE CORNER" !!! It's NOT really like a Time Out and IS sort of like a Time Out.... it's a place where Jack can sit, where I can see him, and where he can relax and consider his immediate future!! I don't really see the point of "Time Out" per se. Telling a child to sit on the floor for a set period of time and then saying "Time's Up, off you go" doesn't really make a lot of sense to me. It just teaches the child to wait out the clock and possibly to simply go back to doing what he just did!! I prefer the idea of removing a child from a situation that he is struggling in and giving him as much room and as much time as he needs to regroup and decide what he needs to do next. I think it's a small distinction, but a distinction none the less. This way gives the child a bit more ownership of the situation and teaches him a little more responsibility for his actions. {{shrug}} I don't know for sure of course, just my humble opinion!! :D

Anyway, I took Jack over to the corner and had him sit down. That sounds easier than it really was, but I'll spare you the details this time. I was pretty upset with him for hurting Jessie but at the same time wanted to know how and why it happened. It's VERY hard with Jack as he struggles with communicating clearly, so you have to be able to try and follow what he is saying without running into the danger of putting words in his mouth. Anyway, after some time it appeared that he had hold of the handle of the lead and was pretending to be playing Wii. He said he was playing Wii tennis (though Jessie said she has her doubts about that...!!..) and had swung the leash like a racket, hitting Jessie on the arm. I'm not sure it was intentional but also need to be careful I don't give him the benefit of the doubt at Jessie's expense either!! It's a delicate balance between always presuming he's "mean" and always presuming he's innocent!! Ah the politics of parenting!

Anyway, we talked about how he hurt Jessie and how that made her cry. I asked him what might make Jessie feel a bit better and he said "A Doctor..." !! "mmmm...." I said...."yeeesss.... and what ELSE perhaps?!!?" He decided and apology and a hug might go a long way to help but he wasn't comfortable actually DOING it. I explained that I'd like him to stay in the corner until he felt ready to apologise for his actions to Jessie. I went into the kitchen and kept an eye on him. He sat there for all of, oooo, 30 seconds? and then went up to Jessie and said sorry and gave her a hug. She is SUCH a sweetheart she instantly wrapped her little arms around him and smiled and all was forgiven. Phew. That's one to me, I think!!

For the rest of the day yesterday Jack was an absolute sweetheart! He sat next to me on the couch watching Bob the Builder. He snuggled me and said "I Luff You.." and warmed my heart! We made Apple Brownies together (recipe to come in the sidebar!) He helped me light a fire and we sat snuggled on the floor infront of it watching for faces and pictures in the flames. Finally he went to bed without too much trouble, especially after I suggested we read Llama Llama Mad at Mama It's his new favorite bedtime book! ( I kind of love it too! ) It's a really sweet and AP book about a Llama who's bored at the grocery store and acts out to show his disdain!! ;D I was happy and surprised when Jack pointed to the little Llama and said "That's ME" and then to the Mama Llama and said "That's YOU!!" I'm going to have to buy a copy of that book and take it with us to the store to remind us both how to behave! : D

Anyway (yes, I said "Anyway" AGAIN!!) friends.... I need to go and bundle up on the couch once more... I have a sinus infection or some such thing and feel a little "ugh!" It's a cold and drizzly day, the cat and the dogs are all stretched out sleeping on the floor, Jack is watching The Little Mermaid and Jessie is sitting in the window reading Nancy Drew books. Time for me, the couch, a good book and a roaring fire to make become reacquainted! : D

Happy Sunday!