Saturday, November 29

Whipped Scream!!!

This is a video we made of some of our family chaos after the Thanksgiving pie!!! It's a little nuts at our house, but we do love each other and have lots of fun!!!! It's the screaming that really makes me laugh! And Jack under the table at the end......!!!

Enjoy... and thank you SOOO much, Apes, for your wonderful tech support help! I love ya, Lady! :D

Friday, November 28

Say AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was, for lack of either stimulating conversation or anything interesting to read, perusing the warning label on my bottle of antibiotics. Did you know that one of the most common side effects of Antibiotics is..... A BLACK HAIRY TONGUE !!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT?!?!?! WHAT!??!?!!!!! I'm HORRIFIED!!! What does that MEAN!?!?!?!? How black?!?!!? How HAIRY!?!?! I mean, can you braid it hairy?? Won't it be gross in your mouth!?!?!?? Ew ew ew ew... and the funny thing is I go screaming to Rex... "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!?!? BLACK HAIRY TONGUE??!?!WHATTHEBLOODYHELL!??!!?!!?! And he is completely blase'. Of course he is. It's not HIS tongue!! He'd bloody well FREAK if he turned to me one morning and I smiled and went to kiss him and a small black spaniel fell out of my face!!!!!!!!!

Freaking Antibiotics. {{{shudder}}}

Thursday, November 27

Ah..... another Thanksgiving draws to a close! :D

Dinner went fairly well despite my BURNING the soup AND the crescent rolls! I knew the soup was doomed from the get go... I was going to make Cream of Mushroom soup.. it's really easy and my favorite ( it's from the Moosewood Cook Book not the can..!) anyway, I only bought 1/3 of the mushrooms...because I am a skinflint! Anyway, I made the soup as normal but that meant too much liquid sooo I added some potatoes, rice from the freezer and some frozen corn! It looked and tasted great! I put it on to heat up just before dinner ... and put it toooo high. I was busy doing everything else ( you know how that goes, it's all fine and dandy for 3 hours but the last 10 minutes are pure chaos!! ) and suddenly smelled burning. I grabbed a spoon and started to stir... and could feel it all stuck to the bottom of the pan. I saved what I could but could tell from the smell that we were doomed. The crescent rolls I SWEAR were an accident! Despite what I think about them, the family love them and I love the family! What happened there was I wanted to get the roasted sweet potatoes good and hot, but 350 isn't hot enough, so ... I cranked the heat.. forgetting the rolls. *doh!* They were literally BLACK on the bottom. I tossed 'em and set out bread slices in a fancy pattern on the plate!! LOL!! I honestly long for a double oven.. it's not often, but certainly for Thanksgiving and Christmas, juggling this at 350 and this at 450 is sure a challenge and one I need to work on I guess!! :D I did serve the soup but it certainly had a "woodsy" taste!! Ah well!! Everything else went pretty well and the wine with dinner reeeeally helped!!!!!!!!! I had kept on top of the dishes so the kitchen wasn't too bad to clean up... the dishwasher is now drying and I have one more load ( of pans ) to go in. The kids and I have been for a walk with the dogs, hubby napped and watched a movie! We've just had some fantastic hot chocolate topped with marshmallows, spray cream and grated chocolate and the fire is crackling away in the hearth!! What a lovely day!

I hope yours was wonderful too...!!!

The end is in sight.....!! :D Or, the beginning, I suppose....!!

We're going to be eating around one, which may be early for some? I don't know. Rex is out visiting his mother and the kids are outside "wearing the dog out" !! ;D Soooo helpful they are!!! :D

I've got my apple crisp in the oven and I'm kicking myself for not ensuring I made the pie a day or two earlier... I'd forgotten how hot the oven needs to be and so on... ah well... we had a nice day yesterday so that's what counts!! ( Rex took the day off yesterday.. I spent the whole day thinking it was Saturday! :D )

Everything is starting to smell pretty good so I'm going to go and wash the dishes and start the final countdown! ;D

11:15 and the chicken is in! :D

Soup's made... though I didn't get enough mushrooms so I ended up adding potato, rice and sweetcorn... but it's going to be GOOD!! ( GASP! Just realised I forgot something... back in a minute...... ) I have a list of what needs to go in the oven and when and forgot to write down the bread rolls! :D I'm just using crescent rolls this year instead of homemade fresh... everyone (else!) loves 'em... oh the sacrifices we make! ;D

I made a chocolate pie to go with the pumpkin I made the other day... Rex just went in to see his mother so I sent a piece of pumpkin pie ( on an antique plate! ) and some crafts the kids made this morning! I hope she likes it.

Right, well I'm going to see if I can make an Apple and Cranberry Tart and then I'll clean up the kitchen and sit by the TV until it's ready!! Whooot!! :D

Oh.. I guess I should finish off the table too... plates and silverware would be nice!?!? :D


Turkey day.... In Progress!!

Well, it's "Chicken Day" at our house but still!! :D

I'm feeling much better this morning, thank goodness! I got a good night's sleep and only have the sniffles today... I felt like I was getting a fever last night! Maybe I was just sitting to close to my hubby?!!? :D

So far this morning the fire is roaring, the Macy's Parade is on TV and breakfast has been eaten! Now onto the potatoes..!! :D

How's YOUR day progressing?!?!!

Wednesday, November 26

Happy Thanksgiving to all.....

... and to all a good night! For those of you in the US tomorrow is Thanksgiving... for the rest of you, it's ... well.... Thursday!! I hope, what ever day it is for you, that you have a lovely one. I'm pretty well set for tomorrow's big event but sadly (for me ) I'm starting to feel I'm coming down with something!! I'm amused because I feel I probably deserve it!! I've been driving folks mad with my "I've done THIS, THIS and THIS already..." brag brag brag..... ahem. Now I feel like c.r.a.p. and I'm likely to be dragging my sorry ass through tomorrow!!!! Don't worry! I'll perk up!!! I'll eat so much garlic no one will want to be near me, that should help!

I hope everyone has a great day.... bring on the pumpkin pie!!!!!!!!! :D

Tuesday, November 25

Tempting the tooth fairy! :D

So... in the continuing saga that is my teeth... part two! ;D It was with much trepidation I went to the dentist this morning. I kept repeating a mantra to myself "In an hour, this will be over. In an hour this will be over".....!!! I settled in their fancy chair and endured more X rays. WHY is it that those nasty little plastic things they have you hold in your teeth are always too damn big for your mouth and they HURT?!!? Does EVERYTHING have to hurt at the dentist?? Is it a requirement?!!?! :D Anyway they Xrayed my mouth and I waited.... The dentist came in and asked me which tooth it was that hurt. Hmm.. it was one of the ones on the lower right. Not sure which one exactly. He had me "Open Wide" and he tapped each tooth with a metal thingy.... nothing. He got ICE and put it on each tooth.... it again?!?!? Nothing. He looked at me as if I was only there to gaze at him and I had to wonder what the hell was going on with my mouth!! It's like when your car makes an annoying rattle for months. You finally cave and take it in to the dealer. The dealer calls you later and explains, patiently, that he drove it for 10 miles and never heard a thing. You come to collect your car and have no sooner driven it off the lot, when, rattle rattle rattle. *** AAGGGHH *** Anyway, back to my teeth. Another X ray is called for ( oh joy. ) and this time they see that perhaps my filling is rrraaahhhhther close to the nerve and perhaps I grind and clench my teeth at night ( I wonder WHY!?! ) and perhaps I am pushing the filling onto the nerve ( Yowzah ) ... also it looks like it may be a little infected and perhaps some antibiotics would clear it up.... "Either that, or a root canal..." suggested the dentist...! Hmmm.. let me think.... hmmm... a toughie!!!... I tell you what... let's TRY the antibiotic!! Whaddya think!?!? Give it a shot?!?! :D He was talking to his assistant and said "Let's put her on.... put her on.... put her on...." " A pedestal?!?!" I suggested, rather helpfully I thought!!! Huh. Apparently I'm not as clever, or as helpful as I might wish!! ;D So there ya have it. My teeth have sung once or twice tonight, but not as badly as they have been doing ( and I don't know what to make of that...) and I have another trip to Super Target in my near future to pick up my prescription! Don't worry! I am never unhappy about a trip to Super Target!!! LOL!! Fingers crossed that the pills work, please. I HATE root canals.... :(

Blow Football! :D

I used to play this with my Dad and I'd forgotten how much fun it is!! I dreamed about playing blow football with the kids last night and so meant to show them how to play today!! Our friend Marsha came over to watch the kiddoes earlier and she taught us how to make inflatable boxes ( or balls... ) from Origami paper! Finally about an hour ago, I twigged!! I grabbed a box ( or ball..!) and a tinker toy tube ( or straw! ) and yelled "BLOW FOOTBALL!!!" the kids must think I'm nuts! Anyway, they are busy playing away now, on top of the ottoman! I'll take a pic and share it.... hang on........


The only problem is, you have to watch the dog....!! ;D Not one moment after I'd taken this picture the dog leaped up and snatched the ball!! :D Ahem!! :D


You don't have to make fancy inflatable boxes (or balls..!) any balled up piece of paper will do!!! Cheap and easy entertainment for the whole family... including the dog!! ;D

Monday, November 24

Teething troubles....

Wimper..... I had some fillings done last month.... and when I got home they still hurt... and continued to do so for some time afterward... in fact for some DAYS afterward. I tried antibiotics, but that didn't work. I tried strong drink, but that didn't work either. I tried ignoring it .... yeah. Right. Anyway, here I am, one month later. They hurt. They hurt BAD. :( But it's ok... they only hurt when I eat something Hot....or Cold... or room temperature..... or sweet. Or when I drink something hot..... or cold.... or room temperature... or sweet. * Sob.* I'm losing weight AND the will to live. Tomorrow I'm going back to the dentist, much as I hate to, and by tomorrow night all this will be behind me and I can face Thanksgiving with joy and pumpkin pie will no longer fill me with dread!!!! :D

Starry, starry night... or early morning....!!

I went out with the dog early this morning, about 6ish anyway, and I literally took a step BACKWARDS when I noticed how LOW the stars seemed to be!! The moon is new so the sky was full of light, a shooting star streaked across the sky and Orion seemed to be about to come in for a quick coffee!!! I really am astounded by the stars and sometimes just a little freaked out by them!!!!.... Yep... I'm sharing my fear of stars !!!! LOL!!!

Sunday, November 23

Watch your fingers.....!

So Jessie and Jack are outside playing at Mad Scientists / Animal Rescuers. They apparently collect animals, put them in cages and try and breed new ones.

I overheard Jessie say to Jack "Hurry! We need to find a Lion mating with an Eagle!!!"

... *blink blink*....

" erm... what did you say, Jessie?!?!" I enquired, politely.

"I said we need to find a Lion mating with an Eagle!" she said, clearly stating the obvious!

"... they don't DO that, Jessie...." I tried to point out... ".... but if you DO find one...I'd not mess with it if I were you!!"


Madonna must have thighs of STEEL that's all I can say!!!

Yesterday the kids and I decided to have a little disco!! :D We put on some disco hits of the 80's, cranked up the sound and boogied our hearts out!! ( the things you have to do to keep fit around here in the winter...!! ) I danced my hardest, jumping and really getting into it...... for about oooh.... 50 seconds or so...!!! I mean these songs are, what, 3 minutes long and I'm exhausted before the first refrain has ended!!!!! HOW these folks perform concerts and dance and sing for an hour or more!??!?! They must be super heroes or have reeeeeeally convincing body doubles!! Man I'd like a body double.... or a clone....even better. I'd spend the day in bed reading trashy novels and eating chocolate and the clone can be out here facing the kids, making breakfast, lunch and dinner, cleaning the house, doing the laundry and stuff. At about 6 when Rex gets home from work, I'd pretty myself up, stuff the clone under the stairs and walk out to take all the credit!!! Yeah! Sounds like a plan. How much do you think one of those suckers would run!!??! :D