Friday, April 23

Catching up with old friends!

Ok, not so old!!! You may have surmised from my recent blog entries that I have been a little, um, active lately??!! ;D I hate to use the word busy AGAIN, it's becoming a little old, but yeah, I've been doing a lot of stuff!!! :D I keep thinking about my pal Lisa OK from Michigan and how I haven't spoken to her in so long! We used to talk daily, sometimes twice daily and now it's been months since we spoke!! I finally managed to get a call in to her today and we caught up with each others lives! It was so lovely to talk though I know I called at a bad time! ;D With the time difference between us, their busy school life and AFTER school life more like, and with our crazy daytime schedule finding a good time to chat is not easy but we made it happen today. I do love talking with Lisa... it's like we've not missed a minute even though I can't tell you how long it's been since I've actually SEEN her. We can start talking as if we spoke only yesterday. That's how you know you have a true friend.

I miss her dreadfully.

Anyway. I just wanted to share how much I enjoyed talking to her and catching up... I can't wait to do it again soon..... sooner than last time......!!

Thursday, April 22

Just a quickie again! ;D

Wow. What a busy day! ;D LOL!!

I packed up the kids and went to Boot Camp again today.... the kiddoes went to the day care and had a great time by all accounts! It's a nice little day care with only a few children and it's right inside the gym so I can see them and they can see me when we work out! After the gym I headed home but had to stop for gas as I drove in on FUMES!!! Found gas, headed home and got there to find Mary and her children sitting on the door step!!!! Ack!!! I knew they were coming, I had just planned to get home before them!! ;D Ah well! So the children played for a while and went for a walk to the park ( with Jack!! ) and they all came home safe and sound! They didn't get to play for nearly long enough but it was lovely anyway! After they left I sorted some paper work for the Market and made an appointment to visit with the Health Inspector..!! Then we had some early dinner, packed up our cares and woes and headed back out to the Gym so I could do my two hour Day Care shift!! A couple of the other ladies were there and it was really nice chatting with them as we watched the children play. It has been really good for Jack as he has to interact somewhat with the others. He seems to be doing just fine and he knows the rule "No LEAVING!" LOL!

Once back from Day Care it was a quick meal for me ( Veggie burger, spinach, salsa, baked apple filled with cranberries, topped with a drizzle of honey, chopped almonds and cinnamon!! SUCH decadence!! ) then bedtime! Jack was so grubby I had to scrub his knees and heels to get him clean! Honestly I don't know HOW he gets so dirty! ; D

Anyway, now time for me to go to bed.... another day tomorrow you know! ;D

Wednesday, April 21

A Parenting Post!! A Parenting Post!!!!

Actually you guys, I'm totally going to stiff you tonight!! ;D This is an article I wrote this evening based on trying to parent Jack today! ;D He's so funny! He always wants things he just can't have and today in Scheels he tried to get a paintball gun!!! I had to say no, (of course!) and so I tried all sorts of things before finally resorting to an old standby... Wish Granting! I told him he could have it in PRETEND!! It works like a charm with Jack!! He even told the lady at the check out about it and asked me to put it in a HUGE bag for him!! LOL!!!

Today was a lovely day, busy ( really??! ) but nice! When I got home from Boot Camp and Day Care, and shopping, and browsing cycle shops it was late afternoon! I got a little work done and then we had dinner. The kiddoes and Rex headed out to play basketball and soon I was invited to join in. We played for quite a while until the children grew tired but Jack would NOT go inside! I invited him to do "Suicides" with me on the driveway and he LOVED that idea! Since Jungle Kids Boot Camp he love to run and do exercises!! Finally I got him worn out and he came in to get ready for bed. Now he is asleep and I am once again sitting here typing instead of sitting snuggling with my hubby! Going to remedy that right now! ; D

Night all! ; D

Tuesday, April 20

Boot Camp, Food Handler's Permits, Boot Camp Day Care and a Doggie Taxi !!! It's no wonder my head spins!! ;D

Today started out by us all waking up at 7:45 !! What a great night's sleep we all had!! I hustled and got ready for Boot Camp and worked my booty off for an hour. I came home to find everyone playing ball with Daddy. We visited for a while then Rex went off into town and I started to work on my Food Handler's Permit for the Farmer's Market this summer. It took me hours to get through the whole thing and I have to say, I'm never eating out again. Yikes. !!! Anyhoo, I'd no sooner done that than I had to get the kiddoes into the car and take them with me to the Gym so I could take my turn at Day Care. The kiddoes I watch are LOVELY .... real sweeties! We had some wild and rambunctious boys when I arrived but I got them sorted out by making them work out !!! That took some of their energy away!

I only have to watch them for an hour and it goes really fast so it wasn't long before we were headed home again. Once home I made some food for me and the kids. I had a fantasticly tasty salad... spinach, romaine, mushrooms, orange pepper and savory baked tofu with a dish of avocado, salsa and worcestershire sauce mixed into a fabulously tasty Guac!! oh yum!! ! I could have eaten that until it came out of my ears!! ;D

I was just about finished with dinner when Lucy ( the pooch ) started going BANANAS at the front door!!! Rex went to see what was going on and it was a dog! A dog we have seen a few times before!! She's an absolute sweetie, really friendly and soft. We know where she lives, clear on the other side of Hickman, and we have taken her home several times before too. Apparently her electric collar doesn't work!! ;D I said Hi to her and asked he what she was doing here at this time of night! She didn't answer! I opened my van door and she hopped right into the passenger seat!!! Bloody dog !!! She just wanted a ride home !!! ;D LOL!!!

Monday, April 19

Too Tired To Type!

Ok folks, this is going to be a really short post.

Goodnight! ;D

Ok, not that short, but really pretty short anyway! I'm so tired I'm falling asleep at the keys! ;D
I went to Boot Camp this morning, came home, cleaned up a little, paid some bills, went for a walk with the kiddoes, Rex came home, we all went to town and I looked at a bike, we went to the park, he dropped us off at Boot Camp where I watched the new Day Care class for an hour then Rex picked us BACK up, we came home, I made a smoothie for the kids and something for myself, put the kids to bed, wrote an examiner article about the Park, and now, I'm going to bed.

G'night! :D

Sunday, April 18

Sunday with a Scientist, the laundry and a hedge!! ;D

Agh!! I had plans! BIG plans!! I was going to STAY HOME and I was going to get tons of work done ( paperwork ) and house work.... I was ... I was..... but Jessie somehow got wind of the Sunday with a Scientist thing and begged me to take her!! Seriously! She dragged out her science books, took notes, read me various pages.... she was KEEN!!! As a Good Homeschooling Mother how could I possibly say no!?? So... we went and it was lovely! She did me proud as she asked intelligent questions, made intelligent observations and was in general her lovely self. Jack was HIS usual self.... he pretended he couldn't talk, tried to steal a ladies stuffed plover and ran away and got lost for, oooh, five long minutes!!! LOL!!

I wrote an article about it and there's a slideshow of pics if you wanted to have a look....

Anyway, we went, we saw, we enjoyed, we left, we stopped for Tacos, we came home. I ran the dishwasher, loaded the washing machine, downloaded some pics and changed into my riding shorts. Rex walked in the door, I walked OUT the door and took off for a quick ride with Lisa. We only rode 11 miles as it was FREEEEEZING out there.... her fingers were WHITE with cold. We decided to stop for coffee to warm us and the thrill of the idea send me tumbling into a hedge. Perfect!! I was riding one of her bikes to try it out and the brakes are AWESOME!! TOO Awesome!!! I over steered, over corrected, over braked aaaaand over tipped!!! ;D Ah well, no harm done!! And Lisa didn't laugh TOOO much!! ;D

Hah hah hah. !!!