Friday, May 7

I like to move it move it ...But then I like to rest it rest it!! :D

So we thought today would be an awesome day for a bike ride!! you know, because Rex could watch my kids, Lisa's daughter could be at the sitter and her Hubby could be our SAG support should we need it. The fact that it was a bit windy? Nah, no biggie. The fact that we got three Wind Advisory Warnings....pah... a breeze, at least it's not raining!! :D

We set off from Lincoln to Beatrice, a distance of 35 miles and stopped in Beatrice for lunch. It was a little odd that the buffet was closed already but ah well... pizza is good!! ;D We set off back home and got a call from my hubby asking where I was. He said he'd stop along the route and bring us some hot chocolate. It was only upon talking to him we realised just HOW LONG it was taking us to ride!!! Um.... HOURS AND HOURS !!! We'd been fighting a CONSTANT crosswind the whole was up and the way back was impossibly WORSE. It was all we could do to keep the bikes upright and prevent them from blowing into traffic... actual momentum was a whole 'nother issue!!! We were pedaling full speed to go DOWN hill. It was NUTS. Rex kept driving a few miles up and waiting for us, if we were happy we'd give him a thumbs up and keep on going. He drove a little further up the road and met us again. He then informed us it had been AN HOUR since we had seen him last and we'd only traveled a few miles. 10 miles an hour is usually a pretty low speed for us. I am pretty stubborn and had hoped to do a full 70 miles. I didn't want to quit at only 53 miles. I asked Lisa if we could do 60 and stop there. Rex agreed to drive up 7 more miles and wait for us. We watched him drive off and set off on our slug...... Instantly I began to regret letting him leave. The wind was crazy, our energy was low, our spirits were sinking..... I called Rex and said, you know, I think I can be pretty happy with 55 miles!!! We rode to the next junction where he picked us up and took our weary selves HOME!! Since we had such dreadful weather and we knew that we COULD do 70 miles if it weren't for the insanity of Nebraska Springtime we didn't feel TOO bad about the miles that got away! If anything we'd ridden 110 miles...!! It sure felt like that!!! ;D

Thursday, May 6

so....lightening ....and water........ and metal pans...???

LOL!! I'm not sure how much I enjoy washing my pots and pans whilst lightening rages right outside the window!!!! YOW!! I kept thinking I was about to be smoked at any moment!!: D I survived the dishes but now am sitting on an electrical recliner, watching the TV with a laptop on my lap!!! Can you say "BRING IT ON!!? Actually I'm too much of a chicken to do this for much longer!! :D

In short we had a nice day, went to Boot Camp and worked HARD, chatted with Mary and the kiddoes for a while, hung out with the kids then spent the afternoon getting ready for Rex to come home from his week away! Phew!! He should be home any minute and I'm sure he's happy he landed before the storm got here!!

Tomorrow I'm heading 0ut an a 70 mile bike ride!!!! **laughs hysterically** !! I'm sure it will be great!!!! .....!! I'll let you know how it turns out!!!!! ;D

Wednesday, May 5

Mr Cellophane...!!!

Have ya heard the song, Mister Cellophane?? It's from the movie "Chicago"... about this guy who no one ever sees.... he's invisible, he's cellophane. Some days I feel like if no one sees me. No one, and I don't mean my kids here, notices me, acknowledges me, gives a rats ass about me....!!! Isn't that odd???? I mean, it's only recently I've grown aware of how cellophane I have become and I have found myself wondering whyI have allowed myself to become that way. It's easier to be quiet, blend in, fade out, Be Good but if the end result is you suddenly have become invisible then what, my dear, is the use in that. My awesome pretend friend Claire has always stated "Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History" and I saw that on a bookmark the other day along with a list of doubtlessly ill behaved wenches, so I bought it and tucked it into a book I'd picked up for Jessie. I hope she's a wild woman. A trouble maker, an envelope pusher, a boundary breaker, a rule bender, an authority questioner. By god, she won't be cellophane, she'll be bloody extra strength Kevlar. Just TRY and ignore her!!!

And now, just for fun, another Chicago number...... Night folks! ;D

Monday, May 3


This is my new Zen Mantra. Eso si qui es. It IS what it is. “Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it.” ~Eckhart Tolle. I have found that by following this mantra life is sooooooOOOOOOOO much easier!!! ;D Rather than reacting to an event or judging it as either "good" or "Bad" if you can just accept that it IS then you are open to whatever the situation may bring. It is especially helpful if you have a little boy who can be quite difficult at times!! Rather than judging his behaviour as either good or bad and instead just accepting his behaviour as IS then I can relax and find better ways to understand him.

S.O.C.K.S. folks.

Sunday, May 2

Hello folks!!

I'm busy being spoiled rotten tonight!! Rex is not here tonight and I am sitting here on my couch, watching BONES streaming through the BluRay whilst typing away on my new little lap top!!! Lucky me!! :D Of course now the dog needs to go out.....tsk.... and the kettle has just boiled so I'll let the dog out and make myself a cuppa tea! :D All I'd need now is a biiiig bar of chocolate! :D

We had a nice day today...Jack was a pretty good little boy but he misses his Daddy pretty badly. We have a hard time talking to Daddy on the phone as Jack really doesn't like share !! Poor kiddo.

I played basket ball with the kiddoes, played Twister, folded a TON of laundry and yet still there is much to do! :D I want to get a handle on our house pretty soon as we'll be taking off on our BRAN ride in no time at all and I don' t want to leave it in uproar!!

Lisa and I have started a BRAN blog which, when there is anything to share, I will do so!! Until then it's just ready for us to add deets as and when they come up!! We're hoping to ride on Friday for 70 miles. We figure we'll set out in the morning, stop for lunch and ride on and on !! :D

Well.... the dog still needs out and the kettle is not getting any hotter!! :D

Next time, peeps! ;D