Tuesday, July 29

The weekend! :D

Well we had a really busy one! :D Saturday was nuts! :D First thing in the morning Jessie had her riding lesson. Hubby took her to that, dropped her off and went into "the big city" to get the truck washed. He picked Jessie back up and brought her home whereupon she changed into her Hawaii costume and Rex tidied the yard, arranged garden furniture and filled large buckets with water. At 10 am the yard filled up with HUGE white dogs.

We foster Great Pyrenean Mountain Dogs and today a passel of them were walking in the small town Parade! :D

At 11 Jessie set off with the rest of them to get in line and I took Jackster with my friend Marsha and her husband and we all walked through town to our usual viewing spot!

The parade was fairly short and sweet ( which is the way I like them!) and Jack was quite content to sit in the big stroller with his ear protectors on and watch the stuff go by like this giant, fancy horse!!

Jessie came around the corner pulling a wagon with a boom box in it and leading all the big dogs behind her!!

Jack took one look at the scene, jumped out of the stroller and marched off into the parade right after Jessie!!

LOL!! :D Our friend Marsha ran out after him and she became part of the parade as well!! :D After the parade everyone headed for activities in the park, one of which was to sit in a fire truck! Jack sat at the wheel and I stood on the ground panicking pleading "Don't touch anything!!! Don't TOUCH anything!!!!! "
After that we were told we could go to the other fire truck where we could take an actual RIDE!! WHOOT!! We climbed aboard, me, the kids and Marsha and off we went !! It was HUGE inside!!

Really enormous!! We loved our ride all through town and the fireman pulled a cord which sounded the sirens and made the lights flash etc!!! GREAT fun!!!

"See!?! " I said to Jessie. "Firemen are just big boys with noisy toys!!"
"Yes!" she agreed
" And BIG EQUIPMENT" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my. Marsha and I about died. The driver had to work to stay on the road and he colored quite clearly. LOL!!! Out of the mouths of babes!!!

After the parade and the ride, Hubby arrived at the park with the pick up to drive us all back home. We got home and Marsha brought out a watermelon which everyone ate outside under the shade of the big trees. I went to the computer and started work on Flash Fiction contest. I had 24 hours and 900 words! After the melon we went to a nursing home to watch the daughter of a friend of Marsha's play the accordion and talk to the crowd as reigning Czech Queen. She was very good and quite entertaining! :D

After THAT Marsha and her hubby went home. I sat at the computer for a while working on my story. At 5, Meggie, our adored babysitter, arrived and I went to get changed for an evening out! Hubby and I went to visit a friend who was having a party for her lovely son and his girlfriend, both of whom had flown in from New Zealand. Lucky buggers. We stayed there for an hour or two, then we bowed out and went out on our own for a date!! ;D Actually we went to Super Target and Barnes and Noble!! ;D WOW!! We had a lovely time!! After THAT we came home and I sat with Meggie and looked through masses of Bride magazines to pick out a wedding dress for her! ( She's planning on getting married next year. ) It was such fun! We went to bed past midnight. I got up early, went for a run, then worked some more on my story! I had no idea where it was going or how it was going to end up, but I only had until midday to do it!! ;D Amazingly I got it written ( 899 words!) and emailed it in at 11:20 am !! Whoo!! Minutes to spare too!! :D I'm not sure how it will go, I thought it sort of fell apart at the end as I had to do a LOT of editing to get it under 900 words, but those who read it enjoyed it!! ;D I may post it on my writing blog later this week! We'll see!!

Anyway, that was the weekend. Once my story was in I was able to relax and was almost lost for nothing to do all day, but it passed anyway. Rex went to the airport about 4pm on Sunday to fly to North Carolina. Another lucky bugger. He'll be home tonight though!! Lucky ME! :D

Time flies, eh?! :D

FOUR MILES and still breathing!! :D

OH I AM AWESOME!!!!! LOL!! I ran FOUR miles today!!! ( To be totally honest, I did have to stop for breath twice on the last lap, but I did run the entire way and only stopped for about a minute total.....! I'm so into full disclosure!!! ) I have only just got back home, checked with the kiddies and had a big glass of water! The fan is blowing on me full bore and I am just dripping with "perspiration" !! :P but I HAD to write and brag ! I'm pretty darn proud of myself!! :D

I will write about our amazingly busy weekend, later today. Hubby is away this weekend and he borrowed my camera. The camera still has all my pictures on it so no photos until tomorrow!! Until then... I need a shower!! :D

Have a great morning! :D