Tuesday, January 13

House Mistress!!! :D

Lately Hubby and I have taken to watching DVDs of House after the kids are tucked up in bed. We watch episode after episode one after another until it's reeeeally late and our eyes are crossed!!! I may... I MAY have watched one episode too many last night. I went to bed and dreamed about House. In fact I dreamed I was having a "relashonship" with House and he and I were forced to live under my Mother's kitchen sink so we wouldn't be found out. Hmmm... Yah. Riiiiiight. It was quite a nice dream actually.... the sink was very spacious underneath!! ;D


Catonine said...

Can you build me a room under your sink too? Actually if you want I will take Tuesday nights and Friday mornings. Those days you can plan to play with your kids or something. I want a piece of him ;-) lol

Niecey said...

We do that with Lost, and various genre tv shows. Lost gives rather freaky dreams though!