Wednesday, January 14

You sunk my Battleship!!! :D


Jessie recently has grown fond of Webkinz and she plays their online games including Battleship. She was amazed when I told her that in MY day ( yes, I used THAT line! ) we used to play it on paper!!! FOR REAL!!! ;D I showed her last night how to play and whilst "The Boys" played Mario Cart on the Wii, we played an old fashioned game of Battleship! I had her draw two grids A through J on the Y axis and 1 through 10 on the X axis. The top grid she was to label "My ships" and the bottom was to be labeled "Mum's ships". I told her to place her fleet anywhere using AAAAA for Aircraft Carrier, BBBB for Battleship, CCC for Cruiser, SSS for Submarine and finally DD for Destroyer. Once we were all set up we began "firing" !! We played and played with her happily sinking my ships and me marveling at the thorough way she had hers hidden! The game wore on and she had my fleet about demolished, still I had made little progress against hers. Finally she spoke up. "I don't think this is very fair" she said "Most of my ships aren't even on the grid....."


Note to self. Small children, even nine year olds, are quite literal. When I told her to put her ships "anywhere" I meant anywhere on the grid. She thought I meant anywhere on the PAGE. Hmm. Could have been a LOOOOOONG game!!! :D


Barb said...

I'm ROFLOL, Tiff!

Brenner and I play, but with the physical "board" game. I enjoy making my own sound effects. :D

Gorgeous. said...

LOL!!! Yeah!!!




I like making the sound effects too...!! ; D LOL!!!!