Friday, July 18

It's DONE!!! :D

I've finished the painting, moved all the furniture, hung the pictures and it's all done!! :D Yeahy!! And, indeed, Phew!! We all really like it... EVEN REX!!! :D Here are the pictures for your enjoyment!! :D

It's going to be a loooong time before I paint anything else.... I think.....!! ;D

Thursday, July 17

AP parenting when you aren't "fully" there.

Well of late I have not been a tremendous parent! :D I have been so involved with the painting ( only two more walls to paint with second coats!!! Whoot! ) that the poor kiddoes have basically been left to their own devices. It works alright for the most part, but after a while they get bored and need attention!! Top that off with their Daddy being away then they really are getting the short end of a pretty short stick!

Yesterday we took the day off from painting and had a lovey day at my friend's house. Jessie had a great time playing but Jack was sort of left out. I tried to make it up to him by playing trains with him and making him giggle whilst trying to chat with my pal!

I have been making efforts to play with them as much as I can. I try to paint after they are in bed or maybe when they are watching a movie or something. I also have been stopping my work when they need me and giving them as much attention as possible. I'm available for hugs and cuddles anytime and at night I lay with them until they go to sleep. Their Daddy calls several times a day and talks to the kiddoes. He calls first thing every morning and just before they go to bed every day as well as several other times during the day. The children really need and enjoy that structure when he's away from home. Jack misses Daddy terribly and every morning will ask where he is. There's not much we can do about Daddy being away so we do our best and soldier on! :D

Anyway, as to the paint...! I'm going to be done with it today and may get some furniture put back too!! Once the furniture is back and the pictures are up again then you shall see photos!! Patience, my pretty!! :D

Wednesday, July 16

Hump Day! :D

**** Yawn **** !!! Oooops. I stayed up a liiiiittle later than I should have last night to get the brown on the walls.... it looks GREAT!! I still have to give it a second coat and I have one wall of green to give a second coat too, but the end of the painting is in sight! :D

We had a large thunderstorm rage all night long but I was almost oblivious to it! Thanks to our library system I listened to a book online, End in Tears, an Inspector Wexford Mystery! I really enjoyed it until the power went out!!! Happily it was only a blip and I was able to restart it and listen on! :D I went to bed laaaate, fell asleep no sooner than my head hit the pillow.... and the dog woke me an hour later, "wooof"ing. I dutifully got up, determined to be kind, after all, she can't help it if she needs to go out..... I couldn't FIND her! I've no idea where she was, but I was NOT happy. I called her, looked for her, then decided I was going back to bed. I'd barely got halfway up the stairs when I heard her "wooof" again. GAH!! If she were to wake the kids I'd.....!!! Well I found her and I think she just didn't like the storm. I patted her, reassured her and reminded her that if she woke us up again because it was lightening it might not be good for her!! I went back to bed, fell asleep again, and this time the CAT thought it necessary to disturb me. GAH!!!!!!!! I went back to sleep, hoping that, as usually happens, the kids would sleep late as it's raining. Nope. Jack was up EARLIER than usual, waking the whole house.!!! (Looks like I may need something of an attitude adjustment today or this one could end up in the toilet!!! )
I came down with Jack intending to put a movie on for him and maybe grabbing myself another hours sleep. I got him settled, came into the dining room to admire the paint, and found the dog, curled up in the corner. "Morning Brecon!" I sang. ...nothing. "Brekkers!!! Morning!!" I called. Nothing again. I whistled, yelled her name and watched frantically for signs of breathing. The bloody dog is DEAD I thought. Typical! After I yell at her last thing at night she'd go and DIE and I'd feel dreadful the rest of my life !!! ( me me me !! ) With my heart thumping I begin to approach her and she sloooowly begins to lie on her back so I can pet her. I'm SURE I saw a glint in her eye!!!! Flamin' dog !!!!!!

Anyway, I'm going to see if I can swing another hour in bed.... Going out to a friend's today so the painting will have to wait... at least until this afternoon!! :D

Have a great one!!!

Tuesday, July 15

Paint update! :D

The wall behind the piano and computer has it's first coat on! :D This time I was really thorough with the first coat so the second coat should be a breeze. I'm so excited with it! It really looks lovely! :D

The kiddoes have been soooo good today! Of course the fact that the snuck on PBS and have quietly sat there, mesmerized by it all morning is helping!! :D We've been TV free during the weekdays ( Friday afternoons and weekends they can watch movies... ) but this morning I was more than a little distracted!! :D

We're heading out in a moment to get some brownish paint, run some errands, dot by the library van and then back home for coat two and coat one of the brown! Yeeeeeee!!! :D

Another day.... another wall to paint!! :D


I got on really well yesterday... I have the basement stairs wall painted, the bookcase wall painted and the wall behind the pie safe painted.... toady it's the wall behind the piano and computer!!! I'm going to paint the remaining two walls in a brownish shade, it's called Island Sand! I wanted a color that reminded me of Bahama beaches. Island Sand should do it! : D

I'll post pictures later as I get going.. I'm trying to keep the house looking decent where I have painted so it's not ALL torn up! It's a bit of a struggle though!

Well... I'll get going for now.. I'll post more later! :D

Monday, July 14

And THIS sort of thing makes me crazy.

I've been passing this sign now and again for some time now, but yesterday we took a trip out to the lake to play ball, Frisbee, swing on the swings and such and I just happened to have my camera at the ready when the sign appeared......

Enterance?!?! GAH!!!! On a State Park sign?!?! Can NO ONE SPELL these days?!?!?!

Do you know the Secret?!

Have you seen or heard or read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne? I have read the book, watched the DVD and now listen to the Audible book on my MP3 player every morning as I run. It is very inspirational! I have found myself to be much happier and excited about life since listening to it every day! I know some people won't like to hear it, of course, but I think it is a wonderful, positive message. In the book they mention how negative thought leads to negative actions and how the universe will let you know if your thoughts are going in the right or the wrong direction. I was running this morning and really taking in the huge landscape out here. The blue, blue sky, the green trees and fields with low, undulating hills. I felt such happiness and satisfaction! As I ran on I happened to glance down at the road... and there, and I'm not kidding,.. was a smiley face formed by two small rocks and a blade of dry grass!!! I laughed out loud and ran on. I ran further and was on my way home when a huge truck came driving towards me. I immediately began to worry that the truck might hit me, or it's huge crane might swing out and knock me to the ground.. I began to plan how I would drop and roll out of it's way....!! Ahem. I'm married to a risk analyst, that's all I have to say!!!.... Suddenly and out of the blue, a large, fast moving BEETLE flew straight at my forehead, essentially flicking me or giving me a dope slap!! ;D I was instantly brought to my senses and realised that I had been thinking negative thoughts!!! I laughed out loud again and thanked the beetle for bringing me around!!! :D LOL!!!!

So.... today's challenge...! Stay positive in the face of adversity... or, in my case, paint! :D

Have a great one!! :D

Kids say the funniest things...!

Jack: "deese beebles are hobbabble!!!"

( upon getting bubble liquid in his mouth! )


Sunday, July 13

Well! That weekend went fast!!

Hubby is already on his way back to work...! We had a lovely weekend and the weather was perfect... not that it mattered, but it's nice when it's not soooo humid!

We got the bathroom floor fixed...temporarily. Rex put some self adhesive tiles on just to make the floor a little more comfortable, but we'll get some nice vinyl sometime and make it "perfect" ! :D
He really liked the green walls ( YEAHY! ) and so we (!!we??!) are going to go ahead and continue through to the living room.... so THIS is my project this week.....
This wall behind the pie safe....

The bookcase wall....
The little wall under the bookshelf on the landing....
That wall behind the piano and computer....

The wall along the south side of the room ( that runs over to the front door...! )

And this wall. Man that's a lot of painting. !!
So I'm going to need a LOT of moral support and encouragement! As Flylady says, "You can do it! Baby Steps!! 15 minutes at a time!!"
I must be mad.