Saturday, February 9

AP Moment of the century!! ;D Do you Caucus?! Of Caucus!! :D

I took Jessie to Nebraska's first Democratic Caucus today and have to say it was sooo exhilerating!!! I had a wonderful time and really enjoyed the atmosphere!! Jessie got to participate a little but more than anything she got to be there. She got to be a part of something that has the potential to be huge.

I've never been very interested in politics, despite studying it in college ( I was actually hoping for a psych class but it was cancelled!!) and since I haven't always been a US Citizen I really didn't care much about what happened in the White House. Things have changed!!! I am so excited for this year's election and am hoping to instill some enthusiasm in my daughter too.

Showing your children they can make a difference. It's the AP thing to do!!!

Thursday, February 7

AP Moment of the day... Good LORD it's THURSDAY?!!?

Hooo boy!! :D The week is just flashing by and I have to say That Darn Cat is one of the reasons I am so behind !!! 'S'ok though cause we love her! Sorry! Him!! Yah... that was a shocker!! :D Our newest family member is a neutered male, so we may well be calling him Herman! ;D Get it?!!?

Gah!! Anyway, I'm worn out over here I'll tell ya. The kids have me ready for a short little vacay somewhere hot and beachy. Just me, a beach towel and an ocean. Ahhhh. I'd sleep. The entire time. !! :D It's so cold here at the moment with occasional bursts of above freezing temps. The cold and snow keep me from wanting to leave the house and the kiddies aren't all that keen on it either. Shuuuuuudddderr!!

That said it's not like I'm getting a lot done here IN the house...!! We're basically hibernating, shutting down and running on bare minimun until the days warm up a bit!!! We'll be flying before long, until then it's "Goodbye from me, and it's goodbye from him! "

Monday, February 4

AP Moment of the day ~ Pets are people too....!

So not only do I try to be an AP Momma to my kiddoes and an "AP" wife to hubby, I now find myself AP'ing the critters too!!! :D We had a brief explosion in the creature numbers so now we have one dog, one gerbil, 3 rats and one cat. It's only a matter of time before we get fish too as Jack would LOVE some fishies...!! The dog is scared of the cat and the cat is scared of the TV. The rats are scared of the dog and the gerbil is scared of everybody!!! The house is just fraught!! ;D So we have to make sure that each pet gets enough love and attention so it doesn't feel it's missing out somehow!!! I made sure to play ball with the dog and buy her some doggie treats today, the kids and I keep finding the cat snoozing on the spare bed and go and pet her for a while. Tonight I had the rats out for an hour so they could play and get lots of love and fuss!! They love to have their chins and behind their ears tickled!! and finally I opened up the gerbil tank, topped off her food and chatted with her a little ( that's more than enough attention as far as she is concerned!!! )

Now it's time to sit with hubby and try and make him feel a little special too... then to bed and tomorrow we begin again!!! First with the kiddoes and then down the food chain from there!!

Sunday, February 3

AP Moment of the day ~ You Tube?

Well today we had our first near miss with the joys of the internet. Jessie had been watching an educational video on chocolate and decided to do a quick Google search with the terms "How to make Chocolate" ... I'm sitting across the room and hear some rather punk music playing and ask Jessie what she is watching. "How to make Chocolate Milk" .. she said.


minutes pass....


"WHAT!?!?!?! WAIT!!!! STOP!!!!!!! TURN IT OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

A (very) large breasted woman ( thankfully wearing a (low cut) T shirt) was making chocolate milk by pouring milk and syrup into a glass and then jumping up and down vigourously. The camera was focused on the glass... which was held deep in her bosom.

Poor Jessie was just sitting there watching it and was probably pretty confused... especially as I scrambled to turn it off!!!! It's really hard to find the right buttons in time when you are flustered!!!!

So from now on You can Tube, I can Tube, Jessie.... she can't Tube. Yikes.