Friday, October 24

Scavenger hunt!

The other day was cold and wet and the kids were looking for something fun to do! We decided to do a scavenger hunt based on one their cousin had played with them when she came to babysit last! I wrote a list on the white board and handed them my camera and they had to find items in the basement that would fit the requirement!!! Oh they played for hours!! It's a free and easy game too which is a bonus eh!? :D

Here are some of their pics....

A crown ( something sparkly )


Something expensive...!!


Something stretchy !!! LOL!!!


Something tasty!!!

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Curses on Cursive!

Handwriting without tears it is NOT sometimes! :D I honestly don't put any pressure on Jessie to write "properly" though
we do work on it and I'd like her to be able to write neatly... anyway, she gets upset when her letters don't come out as she had planned. Feeling sorry for her today I suddenly remembered Alicia's idea of writing in glue and glitter!!! Ah HAH~!! Once we started with that all stress was removed and we got some fabulous "M"s out of it!! :D



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Ah.... young love.......!!

Poor Jessie.... I found a note she had written to an agony aunt the other day.... something along the lines of "Whenever I see a boy it makes me feel funny, please help, signed Jessie"

I asked her quietly about it and she admitted to me that "Boys give me the hibbbidddy~ be~Jibbiddies!" Oh lord... she's going to be just like her mother. Get thee to a nunnery gal! ;D LOL!!

Bless her heart.

I think we're going to need a bigger boat!!

My poor animals!! We have so many now they are forced to bunk up together!! :D

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Thursday, October 23

Snoring dogs....and grateful wives.

I'm sitting here at my computer. It's one in the afternoon. Outside it's raining and grey, 43 degrees. Brrrr. Inside it's warm and cozy. I can hear the fish tank bubbling away, in the other room the sounds of Jack playing with his wooden train set. Across the room from me I can hear the contended snoring of Brecon, my beloved Lab. The puppy is curled up on her pillow at my feet and as I watch her, her eyes droop closed and she heaves a sigh. I am so peaceful right now. I thought this morning how lucky I am to not have to go to work everyday. I do complain, a lot, about being at home and the monotony of my "work".....laundry, cooking, cleaning, schooling, laundry, cooking, cleaning, schooling... etc... but watching my dear hubby heading out the door in the dark, cold and rain, never complaining, I realised how very lucky I am. It was nearly 10 am before I got dressed this morning. I have no reason to leave the house and can spend the entire day dry and warm if I chose to.
I am so very, very grateful.