Friday, November 20

Another odd phone call today!! ;D

So this afternoon I answer the phone, this time thinking it's my boss, only to have a small voice ask "Is this the Guinness Book of World Records??" Being a pedantic so~and~so and having a suspicion that this might be a friend of my daugher's I of course answered "Yes it is!!" and this little voice said "What is the size of the World's Smallest Pencil?" LOL!!!!! I was a little flummoxed and had to admit I had no idea!! I asked who was calling and determined it was a little boy named Dillon. ( I don't KNOW any one named Dillon!! ) I asked what town he was calling from and he said a nearby small town in Nebraska. I then asked him how he got this number and he said "I just Googled 'Guinness Book of World Records phone number".....! And MY number was on there?!?!!? LOL!! Sure enough, I Googled the same thing and there it was ! My phone number!! Bold as you like!! ;D LOL!! I guess I need to brush up on my world records!!! He and I decided that the world's smallest pencil couldn't be TOO small or you wouldn't be able to write with it !!! ; D

Just a quickie! ;D

I just answered the phone thinking it might be my Mum since I'd just sent her an email with my First Online Examiner Parenting Post ( wow!! Subtle segue eh?!? ) and I was expecting she might be calling to heap on the praise!! ( Isn't that one of the reasons we love our Mummies??? ) but no... it was not. It was a recorded message from Windstream phone company asking ME to call an 800 number so they could try and sell me another phone package !!!!!!!! WHAT!?!? The NERVE!!! Now I have to TELEMARKET MYSELF!??!!? Talk about a troubled economy!! ;D LOL!!!