Sunday, April 14

Stop little girl..... stop.

Little girl of mine, once so tiny, eyes tight shut, legs tucked tight,  why the hurry?

Eight months ago.  Eight so fast, so short months.  Sheesh!

Little baby, snuggled close, sleeping deeply, nursing sweetly, why the rush?

Each moment fleeting, each nap time growing, learning, watching, seeing, knowing, why not wait?

Eating Cucumber with her "two tooths"
Her Flying Nun look. 

Mummy wants to hold you, you need to wriggle, crawling to do, cats to cuddle, brother and sister to play with and chase, slow down little one, no need to race, why not pace yourself?

They say how fast it goes.  They warn you,  they try.  Not me!  You laugh.  Not mine, you cry.  You look back in wonder, how fast the time's flown.  8 months already.  Where have the days gone?  In panic you find her, swoop her up for more kisses.  Blow on her belly, wiggle her piggies.  

In a flash she'll be older, grown up, then gone.  

The way of all children.  The bird will have flown.

Stop little girl...... stop.

Something is VERY funny!!  Probably Daddy!


More!!  We're trying to teach her the sign for "More" but her sign is to just BANG the table! :D 

Slow cooker beef stew is her favorite!

And now standing.  

Stop, little girl.  Stop!