Sunday, January 11

Well I guess I now qualify for Genius status!!! ;D

Jessie is sitting here playing Webkinz on her computer. She just asked me how many Webkinz dollars she would have left if she decided to buy another room for her house. She had 2217 dollars and needed to spend 500 on a house. I showed her how to work it out by simply taking 500 from 2000 and then adding back the 217. She should have 1717 dollars left. We spent some time working it out so I knew she understood the concept and then I got back to my emails. Presently, after she had been back on Webkinz for a while, I heard her shout out in a surprised tone "We were RIGHT!!!" yes dear, we were right! It's math, not a miracle!! (well sometimes it feels like a miracle, but this was pretty easy stuff!!! Paying the BILLS feels like a miracle sometimes, but that's a whole 'nother post!! :D )

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Alicia said...

What makes me laugh is the notion that mom being right is something of a miracle too! LOL Funny kid!