Thursday, November 26

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!!

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving!! I spent the entire day prior and the entire day OF Thanksgiving in the kitchen, but luckily a) I like my little kitchen and b) I had Miss Jessie to help me! She made the cranberry sauce, helped make pumpkin muffins for breakfast, set the table for dinner and basically was a super big help today! She kept telling me " I LOVE Thanksgiving!!" Awwww!!! Jack was hilarious! Rex was taking a short video at the dinner table and Jack waved at the camera and said "Hello!! I'm eating yummy food!!" LOL!!! He'll eat ANYTHING but it's a great day when anyone compliments my cooking!!! So anyway, a lovely day was had by all, our Thankful Tree is full of leaves and our bellies are full of "Yummy Food!" ( The fridge is ALSO full of yummy food so I guess I won't have to worry about dinner for the next week or two..!! LOL!!!

We are thankful for so many things, big and small.... Jessie said "I'm glad we have a good home and a fair amount of money" !!! She cracks me up!!!

Jessie made this adorable owl to sit in our tree this year.... I LOVE it!!!!

Watch out folks..... we know it's full steam ahead to Christmas now!!! ;D Whoooo wooooooooo!! ;D