Tuesday, May 21

Some Days! :D

Some days are just lovely!  Today was one of those days! :D  I got to chat on the phone with my pal, Lisa during which time I also cut out a bunch of volunteer trees that were sprouting all over the garden! I made a nice lunch for the kids and took them all into town to drop Jessie off at Shakespeare.  After I dropped her I took the other two to the Open Harvest grocery store where we picked out some delicious food.  Millie slept through the whole experience, bless her!  After that I took some towels I was donating to a friend's pet grooming store and dropped them off, that put me in the region of hubby's work so, on a whim, I thought I'd stop by!  I'd never been before but thought hey, why not! It was then I realised my phone was dead dead dead.  Silly thing.  It's no longer holding a good charge and should probably be replaced BUT if we do that, we'll have to get a whole new contract as our phones are (so old) grandfathered right now!! ;D  The phone company is longing for us to trade them in for new, more expensive phones so we have to get the new, expensive contract!!  Nope!  Not if we can help it!!  Anyhoo... not being able to call and warn him we were here we went into reception and I called him from there instead!! :D  He was pleasantly surprised to see us and showed us around his colleagues and his workspace!  Then he said it was a good thing I came by as his plans had changed and he would no longer be able to pick up Jessie from Shakespeare after all!  Lucky break!  He'd tried my cell of course... but... well you know that story!!  So Jack, Millie and I went to the library!  A lady admired my two wheeled stroller and Millie was in great spirits.  Jack and I each picked out a big pile of books (well his first pile was all movies, his second pile was books!! ) and we sat in the corner and he showed me that he can read after all!! :D  Sweet! Soon it was time to get Jess and we drove over to get her, she told us all about her afternoon on the way home and Millie fell back to sleep again!  I stopped to drop off some more donations at the donation box and then once home started dinner.  It was delicious!!  Soon Rex arrived home too..... with my birthday present.....!!  ANOTHER Kayak !!! LOL!!  Now Jess and I have one each!!  I'm looking forward to us both being able to tootle around on the river this summer!!  Yeahy!! ;D

Now Millie is sleeping, Jack and Daddy are playing Wii together and Jess is upstairs reading in her room.  The kitchen is clean, the dining table is clean but for a Japanese Ikebana with three Iris flowers in it.

I'm ready to take a book and make for the couch with a nice cup of tea......

and... for all those guessing... my little surprise is NOT a baby brother for Millie!! :D  That would be a BIG surprise!! :D

Night all! :D

Monday, May 20

Checking in!

Oh my how fast the days are flying at the moment.  We seem to fill our calendar to the top as soon as winter has passed by.  I've been helping a friend get ready for graduation.  We worked our tails off clearing out her barn, hanging canvas drop cloths, laying "carpet", hanging decorations, hauling tables and chairs, plants....  and then..... and then the weather came and they had to abandon their plans on the morning of the party and take the entire thing into the house for fear of tornadoes.  What a shame!  I've also been working on our house today.... clearing out and donating as much stuff as I can get in my car.  My philosophy is the less stuff I have in my house, the less I have to clean, sort, organize, wash... you know what I mean! Someday you'll come by and there will be nothing but a comfy chair, a computer, a few books and a tea kettle.  And it will be lovely! :D

Today my kids just made my heart swell over and over! Jess was such a treasure and helped me keep Millie busy so that I could tidy up.  All three kiddoes and the dog went for a walk and then when they got back they played in the sun together.

Once it got too warm they came indoors and played chase around the living room floor where Millie charged around at top crawling speed after them!! :D

I love when they all play together... it's just so special! :D  Millie loves to sit on Jessie's lap when they swing ... we looked for a kiddie one just for her this weekend but didn't find one....  we DID find THIS though.....

We bought Jessie a Kayak!!  It wasn't expensive and she's been wanting one for a long time!  Despite very threatening weather we raced out to the lake and popped it in the water for a quick try!

IT WORKED!! :D  LOL!  We had it on a rope initially incase it leaked but it did NOT so we untied it and let her rip!! :D I had a go and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to maneuver.  It is very stable and just great fun! :D  I want one too now!! :D 

We've been taking Jess to Shakespeare classes where they are getting ready to perform 12th Night and also taking her to the dentist to get her ready for braces!!  She said "Everything is coming up Jessie"!! :D  She's sure excited about her summer.....  she's got camp coming up too!!  It's all go! Next week Jackster gets to run track at State so that's going to be exciting and ... me??  What about me you ask??? I have a little surprise too... I'll tell you all soon!! 

So off I go.  I worked hard today, all the kiddoes are in their beds ( or their rooms, I'm not kidding myself about Jessie...!!! ) and I'm going to sit and eat some chocolate for a little while before I hit the hay.  I'm going to sleep like a rock tonight! :D