Tuesday, March 24

I'll get you, my pretty, and your little BLOG too!!!

It seems the days are racing by, three to a day at the moment. Days are blurred together and I don't even know which is which! I THINK it's Tuesday today.... oh yes, it is, we went to the library van today! MUST be Tuesday! :D

Yesterday afternoon our day was made interesting by not one, not two but THREE tornadoes Doppler Indicated over our house!!!! One touched down not too far away and took out a farm, but we just had a little scare or two... or three!! We knew bad weather was coming for a few days prior and the weather all day was not leaving any doubts about it's intentions. My head was POUNDING all afternoon from the air pressure.... ugh!! The wind picked up around 4 ish I think and Rex and the kids went outside to watch it. They stood by the house under the carport and I could hear Jessie say she was scared and Jack said he wanted to go inside. Rex reassured them it was just wind and they were fine. Then he said "However, if I say it's time to go inside, we have to go in right away....." and no sooner were the words out of his mouth than the Tornado Sirens started going. Man I've never seen anyone race in the house faster! We were up and at em in no time flat! We rounded up the dogs and shooed everyone down under the stairs. I suddenly realised we'd left the cat in our haste!!! I ran back upstairs and the cat was standing there looking around him as if wondering where the HELL everyone went!! I scooped him up and hauled him down to the basement and crammed his fat ass into the itsy bitsy cat box we have for him. We all sat down there as the wind howled. The weather radio told us that the tornado was over Hickman and Jessie WAILED! : ( Poor baby. So the first tornado passed us. Suddenly the weather radio told us another one was over head. HAIL started pounding the house, happily it was only quarter size hail and not the softball size they had been talking about a few miles away!! Yowzah!! The rain was coming down so hard the garden and driveway were flooding as we watched. After a few minutes it all cleared up. It was still raining but the clouds had cleared and it was daylight once again. We all headed back upstairs, we released the cat from his tiny box and all the dogs stretched and shook off their tensions. Phew!!! My head was still hurting so I stood in our doorway breathing in the wonderful clean and fresh air that comes in after a good storm. I was listening to distant thunder.... only it didn't seem to stop rumbling.... and there was no lightening. The rumbling just went on and on ... and seemed louder.... and louder......
I turned my head and said "uh.... Guys....." just as it hit the house!!! Suddenly you could not see out of the windows. The rain and wind were so strong that it was impossible to see anything!! "DOWNSTAIRS!!!!!!!!" I shouted and down we all ran. The cat, however, had wised up and I had a devil of a time trying to catch the little bugger!!! We all made it downstairs (AGAIN) and we watched the wind and rain pound the house. The rain was so heavy that the neighbors house across the street just vanished from my sight. Again the weather radio told us, too late of course, that there was ANOTHER Tornado over Hickman!! We quaked under our staircase and Rex and I took turns to watch out the windows... ( yes, we're THAT type of people!! ) Then, just as suddenly as it had started, it stopped. The rain dried up, the sun came out and the storm moved on. A rainbow formed in our garden and arched over to our neighbors house and all was right in the world!!!! Craaaaaazy!!! That was plenty of excitement for me, so I went to bed to sleep off my headache leaving hubby to watch the kids! Sometimes that is almost like dealing with the forces of nature too... but he's had lots of practice! ;D