Saturday, April 17

Photography Friday....on Saturday!! ;D

Egg Races and Egg Tossing game!

Alicia and I and the Children thought Egg and Spoon races would be fun!

The pics are a little blurry as Rex was trying a new lens and the sun was
setting rapidly!

But you can still see the joy!!

Ooops!!! Don't step on it Anna~!!!!


Go Alicia Go!! ;D

LOOK at all that happy!

No one kept track of who was winning or who won..

We all just kept playing and playing!

Even little Alex!!!

He was very careful! I LOVE his sticking up hair here!


Then a game of toss the egg. We all stood close and passed the egg to one another....

Then we'd take a step backwards each time around..

Can you see the egg in the air!

And again!! ;D

Jack couldn't!!!

Another egg shot!

This one was a really high one....... um....... waaaaait............ woah.......... um.....

.......ughhhhh......... THAT was foolish!! ;D


Fun times! ;D

Friday, April 16

Fabulous Fun Filled Friday! ;D

Hellooo!! ;D

Today was awesome! ;D Boot Camp kicked Boot and my ARMS !! Yowzah! I couldn't lift my drink bottle to my mouth halfway though !! Phew!!! It feels good though, I KNOW I've exercised when that happens! After Boot Camp I came home, showered and tidied up the house a bit and then Mary and the kiddoes came to play again!! I LOVE that they came two days in a row!! How awesome is that?!?! :D

The children spent a lot of time riding their bikes to the park and playing there and Mary and I sat and righted the worlds wrongs, sipped tea and knitted some!!! ;D I also made a long list of everything I have to get done this weekend... you know, besides have fun and hang out with the kiddoes! ;D Mary and gang stayed until gone 6 and STILL Jack sobbed and wailed when they left! He was only appeased by the prospect of Boot Camp for Kids tomorrow and then Jorie coming to play with him tomorrow afternoon whilst hubster and I go bike shopping. I say shopping, I mean looking~ with~ longing at. Jack has instructed me I have to go out if Jorie comes.. he wants her with no interruptions from me I guess!! ;D Jessie was excited to hear that we are going to the Pioneer's Park Nature Market tomorrow too but I didn't think Jack would be all that bothered, so that can be a surprise!! :D

So for now, I suppose I'll just go and lay my head down for all of five minutes, wake up and start the madness all over again!! I'm really LOVING all this crazy busy we have going on! It's such an awesome change and I just know it won't last so I'm hanging on to the roller coaster and we'll see when it slows down again !!! ;D

Thursday, April 15

Boot Camp, Friends to visit, a Marvelous Magical Milk Experiment and a delicious dinner with friends!!

What a lovely day!! **happy sigh!!** :D

This morning I Boot Camped and I felt great ! I worked really hard and kicked my own ass!! ;D After Boot Camp I came home and tried out a new Camel Bak hubby had bought me to carry water on The Bran !! It works well and will keep me well and truly hydrated! ;D Not long after that our friends Mary, Will and Charlotte came to play and the kids ran around outside most of the time! We did wrangle them in to try out our Marvelous Magical Milk experiment!! It was really fun and the kids enjoyed dragging tooth picks through the milk afterwards!!! They had to leave earlier than we'd have liked today but hopefully they have been persuaded to come and play again tomorrow!!

I did some work this afternoon, wrote an article, filled in some paperwork, etc etc and then we gathered up ourselves and headed out to my friend Elayne's house for dinner. She took special care to make me a fantastic Vegan meal.... it was so good!! I'm ashamed at the lousy stuff I've been putting together for my family after that!! And she's not even VEGETARIAN!! It was awesome. It's lucky for everyone at the table that I'm on this diet for Boot Camp right now or I'd have eaten the lot !!! YUMMMY!!! We'd have loved to have stayed and hung out all night but the kids were all starting to freak out so we had to go home! Can't wait until next time!! ;D

Tomorrow looks set to be another Fun Filled Fab Friday !! Bring It ON!! ;D

A little something for you... I know you've been waiting for it....!


These pics are from The Great Red Cabbage Water Experiment!! ;D

First you boil up half a red cabbage until the house reeks of it and the red cabbage looks GROSS then you strain out the cabbage leaves and keep the purple water that remains. Pour the cabbage water into several glasses, an ice cube tray (preferably a clear or whiteish one ) or little bowls. Add various household condiments and try to figure out which are more base and which are more acid. As you add your pantry components the cabbage water will change color from deep purple, to violet, pinks to blues and even, if you add the right thing, completely clear!! The kids loved changing the colors back and forth and had a great time trying to guess which color was going to come up next! Alicia noticed that the color changes were less obvious at my house than at hers and we figured it was likely something to do with our water supply... we have VERY hard water here...! Anyway, fun was had none the less! ; D

We used; Peroxide, alum, baking soda, lemon juice, white wine, cider vinegar, white vinegar and laundry detergent.

Serious Sciencsy Stuff !!

Pretty neat fun!! AND we have a ton of purple water left over so we can do it again and again and again! ;D

Tuesday, April 13

Tuesday.... right?? It's Tuesday today???

Yow! ;D

Well.... um.... I'm trying not to use the word "busy" today... but ....ah.... it's been a FULL day today! ;D I started out working on some stuff for Greg, I got the kids outside to play in the beautiful ( if rather breezy ) sunshine and I did a little work. I decided, since I was missing Boot Camp today that I would get some exercise here at home so I jumped rope 300 times, did 50 tricep dips and went for a one mile run whilst carrying two jugs of water each weighing 5.5 lbs. I'm insane. Anyway, after that I wrote an article for the Examiner and then got the kids ready to go to town. We ran so many errands I was dizzy with it, but finally we got all done, headed home and had a snack. I sent the children back outside and wrote some more articles, then cleaned the kitchen and picked up the living room. The laundry remains. I barely notice it anymore! ;P After a quick dinner the kiddoes and I played a rousing game of Farkle whilst Daddy mowed the ( now neck high ) grass! After Farkle, vitamins, teeth and BED !!!!! ***sigh*** Sheesh!!

And now, here I am, begging you to please hang on with me and I SURELY WILL get some photos out to you soon! One thing that's holding me up is I need a program that reduces my pictures en masse. I used to have one but when the computer had it's virus last, well, the program "Poopapeered". : ( Rex has another copy of it, I just have to nag gently remind him to put it back on for me!! ;D When he does, well, look out!!! ;D

So, goodnight, again, all!

Oh, incase you missed my articles today, here they are... you know, if you are having trouble sleeping or something....!! ;D

Down Syndrome girl to star in Fox's Glee

Study finds spanking leads to bullying

The Week of the Young Child

Toodles! ;D

Monday, April 12

Monday?!?!? AGAYUN!?!?!

Wow Monday's come around pretty quick these days don't they?!?! :D

Well you'll be THRILLED to know I ran the full mile on Boot Camp today without stopping once. Pah. I know, I used to run MUCH more than one mile but that was then and this is now!! I kept going by reminding myself about Eddie Izzard and his amazing 43 Marathons in 51 days! He just told himself "Don't stop!" If he can do THAT I can run a poxy mile!! ;D ( that doesn't mean I wasn't pretty darned proud of myself though!! )

This afternoon the weather was magnificent!! It was in the high 80's and the children were outside most of the day !! ( of course the fact that I had told them if they spent more then 5 minutes indoors I'd find them chores to do had very little to do with it.....!! ; D) I had imagined I would get all sorts of my own chores done today... I literally have TONS of laundry .... ok, ok... not TONS LITERALLY, but a LOT of laundry piled up waiting to be folded, the kitchen is a disaster, the house needs to see a vacuum and really, I MUST change the bedding BUT the weather is lovely, the windows are open, I'm thrilled to be getting up and getting out, exercising and biking...... LIFE IS GOOD!! FAAAAR to good to worry about domestic crapola!!! Face it, even after I'm dead there'll be damn laundry to do and dishes to wash... I'm not wasting my time on it all now!! ;D ESPECIALLY when it's lovely out. The next time it rains I'll clean my house! Or when Lisa, Mary or Elayne next come to visit which ever comes first!!!;D

Before dinner tonight Jessie asked if she could go for a bike ride with me! She got on her bike and would you believe she challenged me to keep up with her !!! LOL!! the noive!! ;D We had a lovely ride though town, through the park and along the trails.... ! She did really well. We had a couple of hills that I had to change gears for and the poor little mite didn't HAVE any gears! She just had young lady ooomph I guess!! ;D It was really lovely to be out on a ride where I could just coast along and not worry about how far or how fast I was going! Nice! ;D

Anyhoo folks, I've kept you long enough. I'm going to bed! No Boot Camp for me in the morning tomorrow... Rex will be in Omaha so I'll stay with the kiddoes. I actually might MIGHT get some cleaning done as I do think they are predicting rain. I also want to go through the closets and clear out that which is more than 10 years old.... !! Who am I kidding... I have pants that my MUM used to wear probably 30 years ago. ***swoon!!*** I almost can't believe that myself!! ;D

Night all...!! Sweet dreams! ;D

Sunday, April 11

LOL!!! Yup.... Another busy day and I'm LOVING it! : D

Today started out with a Sunday morning Boot Camp! ;D After our 20 miles last night I really didn't think we'd be in any shape for exercising but we did AWESOME AND won a competition ( well, it was a three way tie, but still!!) where we won a delicious protein drink!! ;D After Boot Camp I came home and worked on the house a little, showered, changed, read and finished a book, made lunch etc etc.... Jorie, the babysitter from across the road came over to go for a bike ride with the kids and whilst they were out Rex called saying he needed me to run over to Roca and take him some ear protectors.... they were up in the cherry picker trimming trees! I took Lucy and let her run loose around the property for a few minutes whilst we chatted. Lucy was so good and came RUNNING to me when I called her! I was so pleased! I also found a TON of tiny little clay pots which I brought home to plant little seeds or something in ! They are so sweet looking! ;D

Anyway, once the kiddies got back and after Jorie and Jack had played Hyperdash for a while, we went outside to play basketball with Daddy. Then it was time for dinner.... then time for the kiddoes to go to bed!!! They were asleep by 8:30 !!!! Yeeee hawww!! ;D

Now it's time for me to go and sit with hubby and fold 64,000 tons of laundry.... or... I could skip it for one more day...!! ;D