Tuesday, January 13

Are YOU Hyper?!!?

Oh my!! We recently purchased Hyper Dash! Have you played it?!! MAN it's EXHAUSTING!!! I thought I was being clever by moving the parts all around the house... some upstairs, some in the basement, some in the kitchen etc.... ahem.... The idea of the game is you have a handle piece that "tells" you which color or number you need to get, then you have to go as fast as you can .... AS FAST AS YOU CAN... and find that number or color, then put the handle over the piece to make it register... then it's on to the next one. You have to beat your own time or the time of other players. You may have to get GREEN, then 4, then double strike yellow, then 8-3 and so on and so on until you think you may just DIE .... then your turn is over and you get to collapse in your computer chair and watch the kids have a go.... then .... IT'S YOUR TURN AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! Sheesh!!!! To be honest I can't help but think it's an amazing game! You can take it to a park and spread the pieces out all over heck, or you can play it in a small room with pieces behind the couch, under the table and so on....! Don't kill yourself though!! ;D And watch the stairs!!!! :D


Stephanie said...

Uh.... okay. I'm thinking that we need this game right this minute.
The trampoline is taken down for the winter, it's dang cold outside (though not as miserable as some places) and my children go a little batty this time of night from not getting enough of It out.
I'll be checking into this.

sheri said...

I want this game!I may have to order it right this very instant!It's too cold outside and we have so much extra energy. Thank you so much for sharing!

Sam said...

My children take it outside and play with their friends. They take turns hiding it around the yard and see who goes the fastest. I have had to ban it from the house.

Enjoy, it just gets more and more fun as you think of new and fun ways to play it.

Take care

Gorgeous. said...

Stephanie....It's GREAT for getting all their energy out during the winter days and I'm sure it will be lots of fun in the park during the summer time too.....!! I'm just really grateful I have a way to wear them out indoors right now....it's, um, 8 today. ; D

Gorgeous. said...

Sheri....Oh you are welcome!!! I just think it is such a great game for those of us with active children and COOOOOLD climates!!!! I just had to pass it along!! :D

Enjoy !!!

Gorgeous. said...

Sam... that sounds like heaps of fun! I was starting to wonder how I could use it in other ways too..... I'm sure there are all kinds of fun games to be played with it!! :D