Saturday, January 7

Saturday night's alright!!!

Hello again friends! ;D  OK, today I had planned to sleep in !!!   I know !!  I hear you laughing!!!!!   Jack came into bed with us about 2am and went right back to sleep.... only he woke about 7 asking me to get up and go downstairs ( down~a~nairs ) with him. I really didn't want to..... I really wanted to go back to sleep.... for hours and hours ideally......  He persuaded me.... he usually does.....   ***Sigh***    anyway, down we went.

There was absolutely nothing on the TV for children.... I can't STAND that weird YuGhiO stuff ( however you spell it... ) and that's all that seems to be on on Saturdays!  When I was a kid Saturday morning TV was the BEST.... here and now it's abysmal.   Anyway.... he chose to watch something on Netflix instead.  At first he wanted to watch Barney's Christmas Special but then thought he might like to watch Mythbusters (!!!  YEAHY!!!   That's SCIENCE people!!! ) my boy is really into science.  He loves to watch Nova with us and just adores Sid the Science Kid and Curious George!  Anyway, the first myth this morning was all about whether a cell phone can blow up gasoline when you are pumping gas ( it can't!  ... it's the static discharge from returning to your car during pumping..... ) and I wanted to find out whether it was true or not, so I ended up snuggling on the couch with him watching Mythbusters instead of going back to bed!  Jessie came down later and she TOO got caught up with the mystery that is Jamie and Adam.   I occasionally made motions to go back to bed but was persuaded to stay downstairs.  Finally hubby stumbled down too......Yup..... he joined us watching Mythbusters!!  A regular impromptu Pyjama Party!

Sure, we eventually got dressed... I worked my way through MULTIPLE loads of laundry (ugh, which I have just remembered are still stacked neatly in my bedroom and not at all put away.... ) I cleaned the kitchen, ran the dishwasher several times, chatted on the phone, played words with friends, put away the stragglers of Christmas decorations, helped Jessie with her math, and played real life Angry Birds with my boy and helped him with his experiments in physics!  I also later played Story Cubes with Jack.  I'd bought them for Christmas and thought they would help him form sentences and follow ideas.... they work perfectly!  It couldn't be better!  He was so thrilled to be able to make up stories!  We each made up two stories and then I put the cubes away!  Leave 'em wanting more is my theory!!  He did NOT want to stop playing ( yeahy!) so we all went outside for our daily 15 minutes and played catch some more!  Jessie has SUCH an arm on her!  Sometimes I refuse to even TRY to catch the balls she throws!  She'll have my arm off!!!  Rex came out and played too and Jessie loves that!  She gets to throw as hard as she likes to him! ;D

And now the night time is upon us!!   Both kiddies are quietly sleeping, the TV is burbling in the other room and my iPad keeps telling me I have Words with Friends games to play!  I have made myself THE most decadent cup of hot chocolate I've ever had in my life 1/2 cup heavy cream and 1/2 cup milk with dark chocolate broken up and melted within...... hhhmmmmmm!  It's part of my new healthy eating regime!!  For dinner tonight I had a fried egg and bacon!!! Oh yes....  I totally did!! :D Anyhoo folks, time once again for some crocheting by the fire, a little TV, some high tech word games and a sip or two more of chocolatey goodness!! ;D  "See" you tomorrow!  Sleep tight!

Friday, January 6

Another lovely day!

Had a lovely day today, slept in a little bit, chatted on the phone with Bestie Lisa AGAIN, chatted with my Mum AGAIN... played outside with the kids AGAIN.... hmmm... I'm seeing a trend!!!  I DID go yarn shopping ( whoo hoo!!) and picked out lovely yarn for the hat and the socks I'm determined to make!  I also bought a book on Amazon today on sock making so once that gets here I'm going to get started on them!  I also bought some yarn to make a scarf for the participants in this year's Special Olympics!  I've already made a good start on it and it's coming along nicely!  Got to LOVE crochet for a quick do!! ;D (I'll try and get some pics posted tomorrow... I always leave blog writing until last thing at night and then am too tired to upload pics!  )

We had a delicious dinner, watched some TV together and then the kiddies went off to bed.  Now it's time for hubby and I to cuddle up on the couch together and watch a good old fashioned British Murder Mystery.  How romantic!! ;D

and what a lovely day to spend in court......!! :D

Now THAT got your attention I bet!! I HOPE it did anyway! I don't want to be the kind of gal where the statement "I spent the day in court" is greeted with anything but horror and dismay!! ;D Actually we had to be in court this morning by 9am as a neighbor was involved in a car accident and had asked us to go along and testify to how awful the hill outside our house is! It was a fun and fascinating experience for Jessie and myself ( you know how homeschoolers are !!) and I'm sure it's much easier to be in court when it's not your neck on the block! As it was we have to go back again next month blah blah blah so we will look forward to doing that again! It's really quite fascinating and moves VERY quickly! They must have got through at least 10 cases in a mere 20 minutes and the judge spoke so fast and so quietly it was quite a trick to follow what was going on!

Anyhoo after our morning's outing the kiddies and I went home whilst hubs went on to Omaha for the day. I fought the laundry again for a while whilst simultaneously chatting with my bestie from Michigan! Our chats are always long and lovely and I miss her so much since she moved away YEARS AGO!! Another friend of ours came over to visit with her lovely daughter and the kiddoes all played in the sunshine and on the Wii in the basement as she and I sipped tea and yapped a while!!.

After our friends left I had a long chat on the Gmail chat thing with my Ma and then the kids and I played catch for 15 minutes before taking a lovely walk in our short sleeves with the pooch. Honestly it was in the mid 60's this afternoon. It's January 5th people!! We saw lots of other people walking their dogs and everyone of them took time to voice their concerns about the lovely weather we were experiencing!! It's hard not to be cynical in Nebraska.... if it's really hot and sunny when it SHOULD be 20 below zero, then we tend to question if the world is indeed coming to an end OR what is hiding around the corner. I think we all expect to get slammed by a huge snowstorm or something, just to show us who is really in charge around here!!!

Our day was rounded off by a visit from another family friend who came for dinner and chatting! We really love having people round to visit and we are so lucky to have such special friends! And now I think it's time for me to hit the hay, or the sack... or maybe just go to bed... I'm kind of tired really!! ; D

Oh oh oh... I DID decide today what I'm going to spend my gift certificate to the Wool Shop on....! ( I know.... you've been on PINS waiting to find out, right?!?! ) I'm going to make THIS hat for baby Fiona ( no peeking Alicia!!) and I'm going to make myself a pair of socks!!! I've NEVER made socks and frankly I'm quite nervous to try... but this is going to be the year! I am determined! When I find a pattern I like I will get started... ALL I have to do now is choose the yarn..... yeah...... that will be a doddle!!!! :P

Wednesday, January 4

A promise is a promise... no matter how small....!

I promised my beautiful girl that I would write another post today! She loves to read my blog almost as much as I love to read her stories!

We had a fun day today... the weather was ridiculous hot, Africa hot... ok, not really THAT HOT but for January?!??! It was something like 68degrees!!!!!! WHAAAATTTT??? it's going to be 70 or more tomorrow!! Now that ain't RIGHT!!!! Nevertheless we took full advantage and spent some quality time outdoors. I think Jack wins the prize for most time out today since he took out his angry birds and pigs and played on the driveway for hours! Jessie and I joined him later and played another game of catch! I had gone inside to get the timer so I could play with them ( I know, I'm such a lame mother that I had to set a timer, but I had tons to do and and and.......) sigh. Anyway, I heard them outside... Jack was squealing and Jessie said "I can SEE her!! She's COMING!!" they were so excited I was coming out to play!! Bless them!! :D

The remainder of the day seemed to revolve mostly around laundry and getting the Christmas trees down. For some reason this year I was not unhappy to be taking them down... normally I put it off and put it off, but this year it seemed right somehow. Of course the trees are out but now there are garlands, decorations, wreaths, lights, figurines etc littering the dining table. Tsk. I'll get them put away tomorrow!!! The laundry is also a half finished project! It's always the same when we have company, the laundry is the first thing to suffer!! Well actually it doesn't suffer, it flourishes!!! The more people we have staying and the longer the stay, the more the laundry THRIVES!! ;D Hmmm.... that could be useful information for somebody! Maybe I could get a grant and prove that!!! :D

I've spent the day sticking to my no carb no sugar attempt ( one day!! Whooo hoo!!) I'm going to need more cheese. And eggs. And cream!! ;D I've promised myself one cup of coffee with cream and sugar every night as a treat so I am going to go and make that little monkey right now!!! The kiddies are sleeping, the cat has STOPPED howling at the front door ( I guess a neighboring fat cat came by for a peek in the windows!! ) and the house is quiet...... perfect time for a cozy cuppa then an early night I think!! ;D

Goodnight all...... 'night 'night Jessie....!! Love ya!!


Tuesday, January 3

Ahem. Happy New Year .... again.....!! :D LOL!!

It's not been QUITE a year since my last post!!!! LOL!!! Nearly, but not quite!! Funnily enough I was reading back through my old posts and they sound very familiar.....!!! Once again I find myself drawn to a more Waldorf~ish way of living. I just LOVE reading soulemama's blog and I am inspired and drawn to her lovely and peaceful ways of living and parenting. I have recently taken up knitting again and have a gift certificate for a lovely wool shop in town. The only thing to do now is to pick a project.... not that that is hard to do or anything...... sigh....!!

Christmas was wonderful.... Mum was here to share it with us and our friend Jay came over too. New Years saw the Bayer / Hrdlicka gang here with all 5 kiddies! Lots of fun and merriment. They left this morning and the house seems very quiet now!! We've had a full and fun 2011, lots of changes took place but the underlying stuff all stayed the same, happily.

I have had some thoughts about 2012, I really want this year's theme to be "Meaningful". I want our days together to have some sort of depth. I love the thought of winter days sitting in the warm, knitting, reading together. I want us to explore the outdoors with chilly cheeks and returning home to a house that's peaceful and comfortable. We have just taken the 15 minutes outside challenge from this lovely blog and the kids are thrilled with the idea! To be honest they spend at least 15 minutes outside everyday, but this way I have to join in!! ;D I will no doubt have Pinterest posts to share since that has become one of my new passions. Our family may explore the pros and cons of whether or not to get a new dog after sadly losing our beloved Brecon this fall. There will probably be some homeschooling posts and some dietary posts as I am leaning towards a low carb approach this year. Perhaps some adventures will be in our future too.... I'll keep you posted.

It's good to be back!!