Thursday, September 25

Held to a higher standard...!

Jessie said to me the other day... "Mom, I don't like it when you use bad words like "Damn it" or "shut up" !! Ahem. Shut up!?? Oh dear!! I thanked her for her opinion and am working on watching my potty mouth!!! ;P I thought I HAD been watching my mouth, but you know how these things sneak up on you!!!

Wednesday, September 24

And color mixing is a happy side effect....!!

This is one we are going to have to do again tomorrow....and the next day.... and the next......!! I may need to get in some more food coloring.....!! :D

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Nifty Science Experiment in the nick of time! : D

Thanks to yet another blog I scored mondo Momma points at bedtime tonight!! I'd had in mind I would do a science experiment with the kids but the day surged on without me!! Happily this one is super easy, super fast and SUPER COOL!!! :D The children were thrilled and amazed and we performed it again and again! :D The idea is to use two glasses of water, one hot and one cold. Add a couple of drops of food coloring to each and ... OBSERVE!!! The molecules in the hot water are moving faster, so the coloring is absorbed more fully and quickly. The molecules in the cold water are moving sloooowly so the food coloring swirls about in a most mystifying manner! SEE those molecules move!! ;D

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Fat Cat Art!

These pics are based on Red Sam by Andy Warhol. They were SUCH fun to do! ;D I did mine on the white board to show the kids how to do it... I'm going to have to have another go and make one of my own! :D I LOVE the way the kid's pictures turned out! ;D Jessie's is called Herman the Armchair Cat as he looks like an armchair and Jack's is called Mommy the Cat.! :D He did the entire thing himself only I traced over his pencil lines with marker for him, other than that everything is his own work! :D Aren't they great!? :D

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The City Scapes! :D

And these are the results! :D They were such fun to make I want to make MORE! And BIGGER next time! We want HUGE pieces of paper to make enormous cities!!! :D




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Our recent art projects.

Thanks to a wonderful art blog we have been trying all sorts of art project and now Jessie says that, after Math, Art is her favorite subject!! ;D Today we made cityscapes and yesterday we made Fat Cats based on Red Sam as painted by Andy Warhol.....

We paint lines on paper and let them dry.....



Then we cut squares of various sizes from black and yellow construction paper. Jessie let her imagination run with her and she added streetlights, traffic lights and a road!


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More Puppy Cuteness!!




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