Monday, January 12

Monday, Monday! So good to me!! :D

I am sitting here, at my computer, listening to the kettle ramp up for my tea and Jack eating toast as he reads a book on Tai Chi For Kids. I was thinking about how it's Monday already, the weekend flashed past, and how depressing it is that it's Monday again. However, it occurred to me that Monday is sort of like a New Year every week. Each Monday the week stretches out before me, a blank sheet of paper. Will this week be the week I keep the house clean? Read to the kids every day? Get hour upon hour of school done? Walk daily? Maybe RUN again? Will this be the week we eat 11 servings of fruit and vegetables a day? Will we get our bills paid? Will the kids suddenly reach the age of reason and quit bickering with one another for JUST FIVE MINUTES!??!! Will this be the week the puppy stops chewing the furniture, barking in the night, peeing on the floor, pooping at random, chasing the cat and fighting with the dog??? Maybe. It all has potential!!! Heck this COULD be the week we win the lottery!!

About time too, is all I'm saying! ;D

I wonder what YOUR week will bring....???

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Alicia said...

Wait, it's Monday?! It's all a blur to me! These children have addled my brain! Nice to know I get a fresh start though. As spacy as I am lately, I get a fresh start every few minutes! Pretty soon I'm going to be going "Which kid are you again?". ;)