Wednesday, September 3


Apparently these posts have not come out in the order in which I had intended them!! ;D Please bear with me and scroll through to see the BEFORE pics BEFORE you see the AFTER pics....!! Tsk!! ;D Must stop drinking and blogging...!! ;D

The final product in use!

A friend gave me that rug this weekend and it really finishes the room off nicely! :D

We would like some old style school desks, but this works for now! :D



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Clifford Cwaps

Jack loves Clifford and on a DVD he watches there is a section on crafts, or Cwaps as Jack calls them. He has been asking and asking me to make Cwifford Cwaps with him for days... so ... we did! And here they are !! ;D




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The nicely organized file drawers... ANAL anal...!!




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The Preschool corner and supplies! :D




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School room after!!

This is the pie safe that was crammed with school supplies, now it's full of games! :D



Note the school room cat and rats ! : D


This pic shows two boxes of papers I have yet to sort... bah!!!

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School room in progress... sort of....




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The school room before and in progress...!!

Yah.. it was kind of a mess... to be honest a lot of that was brought IN to sort and a lot of it was taken from shelves etc to move OUT ! It wasn't always like that!




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The School Room! :D

Jessie has worn me down and the school room is complete. Well... not really complete enough for my liking, but enough for hers apparently! She wants to start right away! She keeps talking about school, when can we do school, what shall we to today for school, can we do more school, is it really time for school to end today, can we do more now, can I have homework..... really.... she's making me nuts!! Still she had a great day today! Her and Jack met me at my bedside at the crack of dawn this morning! They were both dressed and Jessie was in her school "uniform" !! She was very disappointed when I said I was going to run first and even more so when I got back and said I still had to shower and eat before school!!!

** sigh**

Of course I do know that this won't last..! It can't.....!! She'll wear me OUT!! :D

Here are some pics of the school room and the kids "doing school" !!