Tuesday, March 12

One More Sleep!!! :D

OK boys and girls..... Tomorrow is the big day where we start our trip to France and England!!  We don't fly until the afternoon so we've got all day to do last minute bits and pieces!  I spent today trying to pack and putting it off as much as possible... it's still not quite finished but we'll get there!  It was another of those days that felt really busy but when I look back I can't remember what we did at all!! ;D  The kids got to play in the snow for a while which was a lot of fun for them, I had a nap or two which was very nice for me...!!

I don't plan to be spending a LOT of time online whilst we are away but may pop in every now and then if the weather is nasty and we end up spending time in our room!!  Otherwise expect a flood of pictures when we get home!!

Eeeeeeeek!!!! :D

Monday, March 11

Snow fooling!

Firstly I just want to Thank You for reading my little blog! I know it's not a very exciting one!  There's rarely any controversy, not much excitement or drama as a whole and seldom are there exciting challenges or contests to be won.....and yet you still take precious moments out of your busy lives to read what we've been up to today.  I love to see the little visitor counter grow and grow and know that you guys care enough to read. :D

Today we woke to a light snow falling...  nothing special... just a few flakes drifting about.... tonight, as I type, the interstate is closed in both directions, snow is blowing all over the place and hubby is out helping some friends who got stuck in a snow drift on their way home.  We get that really dry snow here so it takes a LOT of it to become a nuisance but it blows around and drifts over the road which is where it becomes hazardous!  Now, to a Texas girl, snow is awesome!!  April and her kids were pretty keen to see the snow and are excited at the prospect of sledding tomorrow!!  At one point April even took my oldest and shoved her out, bare feet and all, into the snow!!

I tried to do some packing today but got thoroughly fed up with it.  I'll try again tomorrow! I DID get Jack's stuff sorted out though which is a big start.  I found Jack's bag which he had packed all by himself.....   he'd packed all his toys in one side and one pair of shorts, one pair of undies, one pair of socks and a T shirt!!  Bless him!!   My Mum has bought all kinds of kinds of clothes for Jack to wear on this trip so I only need to pack enough for the three days in Paris.  That makes things a LOT easier.

So April and I got to spend some time together.... she helped me so much by playing with (and feeding!) Millie for me so I could do some other things.. the day seems to have passed by in a blur somehow!  Looking back I can't really recall just what we did with our time but I feel we were busy the whole day long!  For me though, it's time to go to bed.  I'm absolutely exhausted.  Stay warm out there!

Sunday, March 10

Running Forward!

OK, I have to say it before I forget... don't forget to change your clocks tonight!!  Spring FORWARD..!! :D

So wow... it already feels like Sunday night over here!  Ever have that situation where Friday is busy, then Saturday is SO busy it feels like the weekend must surely be over already and then you get that wonderful realization that you still have another day off?!!? :D Awesome, isn't it?!?! :D

Well today was an amazingly full day!!  I woke pretty early with a baby who had slept for only two hour stretches again last night.. Oh but I did get a four hour out of her at the end that's right, so it wasn't too bad!!  Hubby took her downstairs for a while so I got some extra sleep and then he went and got donuts for us all for breakfast!! ;D  A wonderful way to start a Saturday!  Donuts, coffee and Words with Friends!!

Millie hung out on the bed tormenting  petting the cat and dog as I tried to keep her from falling off the side head first!  

I love how she chews on her tongue all the time at the moment..!

After "breakfast" we went downstairs to find the kids up and playing tennis in the driveway!  I made some lists of things I have to do before April arrives today and got a text from our friends who couldn't come yesterday saying that they would CERTAINLY come today!   They arrived just as Hubby was returning from a funeral, they literally drove in at the same time.  It was lovely to see Kathy and Nathan, we hadn't seen them since last summer.  They were here as Nathan was playing in the State Basketball games being held here in town.  Kathy wanted to hold Millie right away but Millie CRIED so loud... she was so sad and I was so sad too!  Poor baby!  So we waited a while for Millie to grow a little more familiar with Kathy and sure enough they were soon fast friends! 

While Kathy was here Mary arrived to pick up Charlotte and take her back home.  The girls had been having a ton of fun making videos together to put on Facebook, playing tennis, playing Wii with Jack...  fun times.  :D   Millie amused HERself by playing with the cat toy.....


Kathy went home too after a lovely visit and Rex and I began to make a grocery list for him to pick up some things at the store.  Jessie went off to pack her suitcase and Jackster took some time to play with his toys outside in the lovely warm weather.  (As I type this the wind is howling and snow is on the way!)

Rex headed out and I paid the bills and wrote an article for the newspaper.  After a while the phone rang and it was the lovely lady from the Special Olympics group here locally.  She was asking if Jack would like to try out for Track this year.  He'd tried basketball and didn't enjoy it but I asked him if he might like to run track.  I explained what it was and talked to him about it and asked if he'd like to have a go.... "Well... " he said.  " I can TRY....!!"   Oh my GOD my heart just swelled up with pride when he said that!!  I immediately called the lady back and repeated what Jack had said.  Because we are going out of the country next week he was going to be unable to have his time recorded as the weather was due to turn bad so she very kindly offered to meet us at the track, right away, and record his time then.  I explained that to Jack and he hustled off to get his "Sexy Pants"  ( I DON'T know where he got that from, but there ya go!! ) I KNEW that April was due to arrive any moment from Texas and I called Rex who said he was only minutes out from home, so Jessie watched Millie as I drove Jack down to the school.  When we got there we decided that Jack could probably run the 100 meters quite nicely so we walked the length and then showed him where to run to...  and he was off!!  He ran his little legs off!!  27.62 seconds if I recall!! ;D


Bless him!  He was pretty pleased with himself!! ;D  Anyway, she recorded his time and we agreed to head to practice tomorrow and then Jack and I headed back home.  We were in the big truck so naturally had to put on the "Sexy Music"  ( Oh BOY!) and play it loud!!  We arrived home probably only 15 minutes since we had left and.... APRIL WAS HERE!!!

We were so pleased to see her!!  We LOVE April and hadn't seen her since last March!!  She's going to be staying at our house with her two lovely kiddoes and house sitting for us whilst we are away and THEN she's going to stay for a while and visit with us when we get back!! ;D  She's such a lovely lady, so easy going and laid back and fun and smart!!!  I know the pets and the house will be in very capable hands and that she will find lots of fun things to do when we are away!  

So we made dinner, drank tea, ate cobbler, she read to Jack and helped me put Millie to bed... and life is good!  What a super, fun filled, action packed day!!

Springing forward!! :D