Monday, November 17

Ten days to Thansgiving!

But hey, who's counting, right?! :D   So, Winter has rolled around again... well not technically of course, as it's only November, but our pretty layer of snow, frigid air and blistering blue skies makes it seem very wintery even so.  It seems that once winter arrives I am drawn back to blogging.  Perhaps it's Jess working away on her NaNoWriMo book that makes me want to write, maybe it's just that it's cold outside, maybe it's that I have time all of a sudden.. I don't know but what ever the reason here I am once again.

Things have changed around here from my last post... my last post was saying how much had changed since the post before.... well.... things Do change....!! Today we no longer have an in home daycare and I am very happy with that.  We have two little girls who come by a couple of days a week but nothing like the 10 children a day we had during the summer!  That was a LOT of children! It was good fun, very hard work but also kept me away from my true responsibility which must be raising Millie.  Jack is still in school and is thriving there.  He is reading, doing math, science and art and just having a great time.  He is almost a celebrity in school and everyone knows him.  He can't walk down the corridors without high fives from everyone and people calling out "Hi Jack!"  ... I love that for him!  He has two WONDERFUL para's who he adores.  They are so great with him and they have made school a great environment for him.   Jessie went to High School for a year and did an amazing job.  Her teachers loved her and she loved them.  She went again for her sophomore year but ended up returning back to Homeschooling which I am thrilled about.   It feels like old times with Jess and Millie and myself around the house all day!  I secretly wish Jack were homeschooling again too but I know he is doing so well and is happy for now so that's where he will stay.  If we ever decide it's not working for him anymore we'll bring him home in a heartbeat.  We live in a remarkable school district so I'm happy for him to remain for now... of course I really look forward to the school breaks!! :D

So this week we have been focusing on our Thanksgiving Tree.  We stuck some branches on the wall and have made orange and yellow leaves to stick on it.  Any time we come up with something we are grateful for we write it on a leaf and stick it on the wall.  I have found it a great way to realize just how very lucky we are.  Apparently a great help for anyone who is feeling low is to think of things they are grateful for and to write them down.  Initially I couldn't think of anything I was grateful for ( I was in a pretty low place at the time!) but then as I started I found I couldn't stop!  I have SO many things to be grateful for!  I think if I had nothing but time and pieces of paper I could sit infinitely and just write things I am grateful for. ... The tongue burning cup of coffee Jessie just made for me, for example!!!  (woof!!!)

Here's a pic of our tree I took the other day... it's rather more leaf laden now!

We have decided to continue into Christmas but make a Christmas tree and add colored baubles with things we are thankful for rather than leaves!!!  We're excited!! :D  

We are also planning on doing 21 random acts of kindness again!!  We just LOVE LOVE LOVE doing that!!  

Hmmm.... what else is happening around here...?? Not much I suppose!  I have a ton of things to do today....  mostly little things but there are a LOT of them!  I guess I should make a start on my list!! :D  I'd like to make our Christmas cake today... and I need to turn the heel on the sock I am knitting ( my first ever!!!) and I have to do chores, laundry, cleaning, bill paying..... bleurgh!  But also reading, playing and maybe another walk in the fresh air with Millie on the sled!! I'll try and spread out some fun stuff amongst the not so fun!! :D 

I'll leave you with a pic or two from our recent excursions into the cold!  Take care, love those children, drink the hot cocoa with LOTS of room for whipped cream...!  Back soon!!