Sunday, February 12

On donuts and dancing...... but without the dancing part.

***happy sigh!***   I have in front of me a glazed donut.  Soft, glazedy, doughy deliciousness.  Yeah  yeah Paleo Schmaleo.  I'm pregnant and all bets are off !!  This one is the first one I have had in months, but it won't be the last, oh no.  Ah... I keep stopping typing just to have another little bite and to lick the sugar off my fingers in an attempt to keep the keyboard relatively sticky free...!  Don't worry.  If I have to I'll lick the keyboard clean later too!

My day is looking pretty fine so far...  went out to Church this morning where Jessie's iPod, missing for a few weeks now, was returned to her.   Multiple attempts had clearly been made to break her password as she was apparently going to have to wait 22,495,386 minutes, or 15,621 days to try again.  Uh huh.  Unless you hook it up to the computer, which we did.  All's well!  We are curious where it has been all this time and wondered if our notifications to the pod every 30 minutes were what caused the finder to finally give up and return it!! ;D  What ever happened, I'm sure glad it did!  So yeah, iPod is found, donuts are being consumed... I have the kids on blankets and pillows in the basement watching Princess Bride again, I'm going to change into REALLY comfortable clothes (think pajamas I could answer the door in if necessary) and then going rest my butt on the couch with a Midsomer Murder or two, some hot tea, another donut ( what the heck, the kids shouldn't eat a whole one, they'll go INSANE) and my knitting.  Heck, I may even nap.  Man, no rest for the wicked eh?  No dancing either for that matter...! ;D