Friday, February 24

Bonjour!!! As they say in France. A LOT apparently!

So!  This week's trend is Bringing Up Bebe...  (hmm... I should probably add a link here.. hang on a sec....  fumble click, fumble click....  Here ya go!  ) anyway, I'm sure you've heard about it... a book written by an American woman living in Paris ( Pareee ) and comparing the way American and French babies are raised.  I LOVE this book.  Love it.  I even wore a dress and put on dark eye make up yesterday because of it, I'm suddenly channelling my inner "Sniffy Parisienne"!!  I'm sure many of my friends will hate it... the book I mean, not my inner Parisienne, well... they might... anyway, I don't particularly care who else loves or hates the book suffice it to say it has relieved me of SUCH a lot of my pregnancy stress!  I can't tell you how depressed and just Ugh I've been and how horrible I've felt, guilty guilty guilty!!  It does seem to be very American to worry about things and I've certainly embraced that with gusto!  Is THIS safe?  Is THAT?  Can I eat this and not harm the baby etc etc etc....   For reasons you'll see if you choose to read the book, I no longer worry about any of it.  Worry???   Pah!  Non.  Kay ser rack ser rack !!! :D LOL!!!  

Anyway, this book also talks about eating French Style and all that sort of thing so the children and hubby are now enduring my latest whim, eating with COURSES!!! :D  We all seem to be enjoying it and benefiting from the added veggies and fruit.....!  We'll see how things work out.... if you know me at all you know that I am very much subject to the wind changes....! :D  Keeps things interesting for the children you know!! ;D

So there ya have it....  I don't have much else to share right now.... busy reading and making Le Menu.  :D  Super excited to see that Spring is just JUST around the corner though!!  ROLL ON those sunny Summer days!! ; D

***insert finger wave here!!***

Au Revoir !!! ;D A Bientôt! ;D