Thursday, October 2

Free Fun! :D

Today I had a flash of inspiration!! ;D I did !!! You may have noticed it!! :D
Jessie's birthday is next week. She'll be NINE... we're all very excited about it!! ;D
We had to go to Super Target today... HAD to... because, you know, I'd never go unless forced! ;D When we walked in I wandered over to the computers at the registry bit and registered Jessie's birthday!! It was pretty simple! It will be really simple for you as long as you don't have a newly six year old boy who wants to push every button, run behind checkouts and press keys, scream and yell, that kind of thing...! Anyway! Once I'd filled in the simple stuff Jessie took a piece of paper to the counter and they handed her a "thingy" ! One of those zapper things that ...oh! A bar code reader. Thank you, brain, for kicking in just in the nick of time there! Yes, a bar code reader. I told her "Go WILD!!" and she was tickled pink!! ;D She wandered through the toy aisle zapping this, that and the other whilst Jack and I went to the grocery part and picked out some food. We were probably in the store about 2 hours
(I LOVE Target!!) and when it was time to leave we handed back the zapper! She had picked out 15 items!! That's IT!! Man! Give me one of those things and I'd have 15 things per AISLE!!! I mentioned that she didn't have much zapped considering how long we'd been in the store...."well..." she admitted " I DID spend a lot of time READING the books I was going to pick instead of zapping them!!" That's my girl...!! I think!!! ;D