Thursday, January 15

Feeling Sloth~like!

Oh my!! I'm having a very sloooow day today!!! I can't seem to get going ( AGAIN!!) I really ought to take my vitamins, I'm sure it will help... I DID get them out the cupboard.. that's a good start, right!!!! Now to OPEN the container and PUT ONE IN MY MOUTH!! :D

Today the children and I are going to get some school done! ( oh yes we are!! ) and it will most probably revolve around Dragons again...!! I DID manage to link the study of Dragons and the study of ratios!!! Go ME!! I'll make an unschooler out of myself yet!! ;D

I'm going to go and drag my sorry self up the stairs and slap some alertness into my face!! I slept really well last night, but could HAPPILY have continued sleeping for another 4 hours or more.... ah well.... I'm sure ONE day the kids, hubby, dogs and cat will let me sleep ... right?!!? RIGHT!?!?!? Oh just humor me for now....!! ;D

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