Sunday, March 30

AP Parenting the cat....!!

Last night the cat was frantic! He was standing, shouting, at the top of the basement stairs. Something was VERY wrong and he needed me to fix it immediately if not sooner!!! He shouted and wowled until I simply had no choice but to check and see what was up! :D He led me downstairs in a big hurry and ran to his food bowl. Oh NO!!! ... ahem..... whilst the food bowl still had a great deal of food remaining in it, he was able to see the pattern on the bottom of the bowl and that was causing him a great deal of distress!!!! Herman likes to have his food bowl piled high at all times!!!! I rubbed his head, topped off his food bowl and assured him he would not be allowed to starve to death over night!!! Poor Kitty !! That was a close one! :D